20 Technicolor II Lightroom Presets

20 Technicolor II Lightroom Presets

20 Technicolor II Lightroom Presets - Lightroom Presets Add-ons

20 Technicolor II, Lightroom Presets, 3D Profiles
Create vintage and nostalgic color grades with 20 different presets / color profiles.
Great for Photographers, Instagramers, Influencers and so on. With the native amount slider you can create unlimited variations. See the photos for before / after results

Included In Your Purchase:
• 20 Lightroom presets in DNG format.
• 20 Lightroom 3D COLOR profiles (presets included also) in XMP format with “Amount Option”
• Installation instructions in pdf file (Included XMP installation on iOS and Android)

• Compatible with Free & Paid Lightroom Mobile App
(Both iPhone & Android devices)
• Compatible with Desktop Lightroom (Mac & PC)

• The amount / opacity slider is only available on XMP presets
• The profiles with “S” letter means “Soft Color Grade”
• In the XMP folder included 20 Profiles plus 20 mirrored presets for easy management (40 files total)
• Before purchasing, please be sure that you have the latest version of Lightroom and you can install on your device (iOS and Android) the XMP files for full functionality.

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