2017 Colored Wall Year Planner

2017 Colored Wall Year Planner

2017 Colored Yearly Wall Planner/Calendar, every month is spectrum colored differently with US holidays mentioned, and space to add notes for each day of the month and monthly notes.
Two different styles are available, Plan out your whole year with this 2015 Colored Wall Year Planner.
Clean, well-organized and easy to use, just add in your own company details and you are ready to print!!
Files Included:

  1. Adobe Illustrator (.ai version cc)
  2. EPS

NOTE: Bleeds, Trim lines and Safety Lines are added to all the files, fully layered, fully resizable
Files Information (Layers Guidelines)

  1. Month Title Layers (Contain all the titles of the months and – Text is editable)
  2. Company Title (Contains company name, and contact information – Text is editable)
  3. Days Layers ( Contains all the days names of month – Text is editable)
  4. Dates Layers ( Contains all the dates of month – Text is editable)
  5. Planner Colored Outline
  6. Holidays Text (Text is editable)
  7. Notes Titles (Text is editable)
  8. Month Backgrounds in sub layers

Fonts Used:
Open Sans Google Font is used all the way (It’s a free font), in dates and names, you can download the font from here