Discussion on 2020 Desk Calendar Template

Discussion on 2020 Desk Calendar Template

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Hi, recently acquired your Calendar, but have trouble removing the pages “Logo” and data in the footer. Can you tell them how to remove them?

Hello. Thank you for purchase. Open master page (see it at the top of the all pages). And remove elements you want from there.

Other way is click on needed element holding ctrl+shift. Then remove each element.

Hi La_Croix,

I will need the 2017 calendar starting on Monday, please. I only need the Light one (in IDML format).

My email is

Thanks so much!!

Sorry La_Croix, I didn’t receive this one yet. Spanish format (starting Monday), light blue.

I received the other design…


Sorry for that, my mistake. But now you have 1 more template :)

I sent template you need to your email

Thanks so much, awesome work!! ;)

I want to purchase this calendar . but here file format is indd . i m not able to understand this file format . i only know photoshop . Can you provide me its psd file so that i can edit and print .

Hello. indd – is indesign file. There is detailed instructions in the calendar how to edit it. I also can convert style that you like in psd and send you, but editing abilities in photoshop will be sugnificantly reduced.

Please help me… why I can’t change company logo on page 2 – 13? please show me how to do it… thanks :)

Hello. In pages tab open A-master page. Change logo there. Then it will appear in all pages except cover.

Hi La_Croix,

I also need the calendar starting on Monday, please. I only need the Light one.

Thanks so much!!

Thanks very much!!

I send templates to your email. Thanks for buying.

Many thanks to you, for your help and support. The templates are beautiful and perfect for my project.

Good luck !!

Hi, nice work ! Can you please tell me the best way to translate months and weekdays in other Language (need to translate in Italian). Can i do it once, somewhere in the master page or I have to translate every month ?

Hi. Sorry, but you can translate the names only manually. Unfortunately I did not provide a mechanism for automatic translation.

I want to use the black red combo style! But my logo is this,

Can we do something creative to place this logo on the black BG ?

You’ve done everything right, with pictures all right.

As for additional space at the top for the spiral. Layout has purple margins. Top margin is greater than the other edges. Try to make sure that important parts of the picture did not extend beyond those margins. If they go out, there is a chance that they partially fall into a spiral.

Im afraid, Im just a newbie to InDesign. Can I send you my source file, so you can fix it and send me back please ?

There is nothing to afraid. Just slide down the pictures to helmets were below the purple margin, but so that the top is not got white space. If it is not possible to leave as is. You have very nice pictures for calendar.

Hi, whenever I open the file with .indd i got a message telling me that i cant open the file because it was save with a newer version of InDesign (CS7.0) Can you try to save it with for indesign 4 or later? by the way im using InDesgnCS6


Open .idml file. It will work with CS6 version. It may take long time to open it in slow computers.


I can’t open both file with in design cs3, can you help me with this?


Hello. Minimum version required to edit template is cs4. Can you upgrade your version? If not, tell me I will think abot what can i do for you and your cs3.

Hi. Do you have this calendar starting with Monday not Sunday?

Tell me what style of template do you need with week starting monday, I will create and send it to you.

Orange on White. THX

Send me e-mail from my profile page. I’ll send your template in reply.

I dont know InDesign. Can you get me in PSD, so I can buy ?

Dimemsions of calendar page are 8.3×7.1 inches. See Print Dimensions line in the right column on this page.

No, I mean what size images shall I crop and place ? 1920×1080 or 2560×1440 ?

it would be better to use 2560×1440 picture. At this size images, you get a resolution of 300dpi. If you use a smaller image, they can look a bit blurry after print.

Look nice, could I know the dimension (WxH) of the calender page?

I need the size in 8.75×6 inches, will I be able to change the size?

Thanks, figured it out.

Yes, you can change the size in File/Document Setup menu in indesign. But then you have to adjust the size of objects under a new page size manually. Some of the objects are in the master, enough of them will fit once and they apply to the entire calendar. Some objects, such as a calendar grid, will have to be customized for each page separately.

looks nice GLWS ;)



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