Discussion on 22 Vintage Letterpress Photoshop Actions

Discussion on 22 Vintage Letterpress Photoshop Actions

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I bought this a while ago and have now gotten around to using it. I have to say that it looks quite unnatural on larger areas where the seamless repeat is very obvious and visible. I first tried using it on large letter (placed on letter size document) and saw this happining. Then I used the action on a full letter background size. So it might look good on smaller sizes, but I really think you should recommend not using it on bigger areas, because that doesn’t look good at all.

Do you have any ideas of upgrading, making changes to this, maybe add some actions that work with better result for larger areas?


Hi! When I run action it says that command is not available. I would so much want this to work.

Do you have any ideas?


I’m not able to complete the action. I don’t if that’s because I’m using in a Photoshop portuguese version. Every time I click to make the action I turns blurred and the stops. Why is it happening?

Hello, when I run these actions is say that “desaturate command is not available”. I am running Photoshop CS5. Please help. Thanks!

I’m having a great time with these. Thanks very much! David

I like these actions…However, my red coloured text always turns to black… Could you please explain why is this? :)


In the Read Me file included with the download, there are instructions. Whatever your foreground color is, that’s what color your text will be after the action is run.

I would love this but unfortunately, it makes the text expand / fatter. When I choose a font, I simply want the end result to be that font with the texture.

Why does your actions thicken the text ? :( This makes my text unreadable. Can I avoid this? :)

There are 2 versions. One to be used on smaller text and one for larger. The smaller version (actions that start with “sm”) doesn’t do this as much. But if you want it gone completely, you can go into the action and edit the steps.

Click the drop down arrow next to an action to view all the steps. Then go down and uncheck the checkmark next to the following: - Smooth - Expand - Gaussian Blur

You can turn these steps off for any of the actions to remove the effect. Hope this helps.

Very nice Fontes, sweet

Hi, DYS. Great file.

However, everytime I enable the action (mac, photoshop cs6), all I get is a white file. I’m placing black vector over white ground. Even when I place black vector (shape or image) over wooden ground, it gets weird. Any idea of what might be happening?


Check your foreground color before you run the action. In the directions included with the download, you’ll see that you have to make the foreground the color you want the final product to be. If you want more than 1 color, you’ll have to run the action on different pieces with different colors. Think of it as printing plates.

OK, I got it to work. I ended up dragging the .pat file into the patterns folder manually. (For Mac users, Open the Finder, then go to Photoshop CC > Presets > Patterns and drop the file in.) Don’t know why it wouldn’t recognize the file when I tried to load it in Photoshop, but dropping it directly in the Patterns folder worked perfectly.

Thanks for the tip. Glad you got it working!

I’m using Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) and when I try to install the patterns using the Preset Manager the .pat file is grayed out. I can’t select it to load into PS. I’ve also tried double clicking the .pat file and it did not install the file in PS. The actions have loaded, but the patterns are missing. Any help much appreciated.

The actions are not working for me at all. Not on text. Not on a solid layer background.

Have these been tested in CS 5.5?

Yes, I have used them in CS 5.5 before. Did you read the “Read Me” file for instructions on how to install everything (actions & patterns)? If you’re sure both the actions and patters are installed, try deleting and re-installing.

If that doesn’t work, please email me and we’ll get this worked out.

Hello, I love these actions! Is there any way to use these in Illustrator? I would like to use some of these textures for vintage logo designs

Hi, thank you! Sorry to say they’re for Photoshop only. Your best bet is to do the logo designs in Illustrator and then bring them into Photoshop to texturize them. Only other way would be to vectorize the texture patterns using live trace and then use them. This would cause some loss in the detail of the texture though.

Nice add-on, but tiling really noticeable. Is there any other way to generate washed out effect except form the patterns?

There are 2 sizes of the actions. One is larger and the other is the same textures but smaller (with “sm” at the end of the name). Make sure you’re using the large ones so the pattern won’t repeat as often. Also, these were made to use mostly on text and not so much across large, hi-res areas which can show tiling on most patterns.

Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please email me:

Works perfect.

Hi, I’m having issues opening the files in photoshop CS5.1 for windows…any ideas? Richard

Have you tried both methods of installation laid out in the included ReadMe file?

If so, please email me at and we’ll get it sorted out.

Nice stuff! :) A couple observations and and comments:

  • In PS 10Ex, every action results in a color-inverted layer, e.g., start with black text end up with white processed text. Adding an Invert adjustment layer fixes it but it’s a little annoying. I can add an Invert layer step to the actions, but better yet, I’d like to know which existing step(s) to disable. Any ideas?
  • Applying the same or different action multiple times can achieve interesting results. Especially on large flat areas, the pattern repeats become less noticeable.

That is all.

Hi, thanks for your purchase! The actions were created to work with Photoshop CS2 or higher. They were not tested in any versions lower than that. But maybe going into PS preferences and change it to save more history states. Then after you run the action, simply step backward through the history states until you find what’s causing the inverted colors. That’s the only thing I could think of.

And good idea on running the actions multiple times for different effects!

I cannot get these actions to work… When I try to load them it has an error message saying that the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop. I’ve tried both cs5 and cs6.

Please help.



I know for a fact that the actions work with both CS5 and CS6 . I’ve used them in both versions. How are you trying to install them? Just double clicking or are you actually trying to “load” them in manually?

Please email me at and we can figure this out.


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