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Really good work!

Thank you Corrella :)

Thanks Tashina :)

Great stuff…good luck with sales Dude… ;)

Thank you supasta80! :)

Super!!! Good luck with sales!


Many tanks Giallo!

Very nice! I’m thinking of using this for my graduation thesis. I have one question though. I find these pie and line graphs throughout the template. Is it possible to change these to my own quantitative numerical content?

Thank you! As to your question, the graphs is fully editable as vector graphic, but indesign don’t have a function to build them automatically from numerical content.

I know. I just wanted to be sure that they’re at least editable. Thanks!

How can i adjust the graphs, when i open them with illustrator i can not adjust the data

Hello, thank you for purchase! Unfortunately you can’t adjust those graphs with Illustrator graph tool, is not flexible enough for this task. All graphs are placed only as a sample and you have to replicate them by yourself.

Ok thanks will give it a try

It is possible to make in Format A5 vertical? Thank you.

Well A5 have the same proportions as A4, only smaller, however you still will need to make adjustments to fit all data in new size.