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Very Nice and Happy Sales!;)

Thank you muzi!

I like your glass styles, they look very real

I’m glad you like it Diego!

Very nice glass effects, I’m 2 $ short, though. Agh. :)

Aww well, next time you deposit remember me! Good to hear you like it.

Beautiful Jaie, thanks for submitting. Am about to buy your other action set as well.

Good luck!! x us down here

Thanks for your support! I hope you like it, and let me know if you have any suggestions or requests.

Wow! I suck at making glass styles really well. These are great. Specially the lagoon glass style.

Thank you, Raincutter! I really like how they turned out. Just a matter of practice and it will look awesome. :)

“Just a matter of practice and it will look awesome.” think so?

Well, seeing that layer styles etc are in essence a preset of settings, a lot can be achieved by simply spending time on it and practicing. And for other things: I don’t believe in talent. If you spend enough time and energy on something you will get where ever you wish to be. As long as you truly believe in yourself.

veryy nicee, i love it. Bookmarked :)

Great! I’m happy everyone seems to like it :)

I think it’s nice.

Thanks Don. :)

Good job Jaie! I’m using your styles to wow people and I must admit I am wow’ed by them too! Keep ‘em coming!

Aw that’s great to hear! Hope I’ll continue to wow you haha :)

These look really slick! Just to make sure… can these styles be applied to any shape?


Aw sorry for that, I’ve been on holidays for the past 2 weeks. Yes they can be applied to any shape :)

Just checkin again… can these be applied to my custom shapes? And how will the glass effect look over video (will the transparency and refractions carry over to moving footage behind it)?

Please advise, as I’m looking to purchase right away.


It shouldn’t be a problem to place these over video :)