2D SteamPunk Set

2D SteamPunk Set

2D Steempunk Set
Editable .eps and ai. files (Adobe Illustrator) and sliced .png files.

Can be used for games and illustrations.

The set includes:
- 3 characters (airship pilot, doctor, automoton)

– building set:
* lots of walls (circular and semicircular for towers and usual)
* lots of roofs (usual and glass) and sign board
* 2 types of windows and doors
* complex of fences
* beams (horizontal and vertical)
* chimney and chimney steam
* paving

– backgrounds:
* 4 colors if sky
* 3 types of clouds
* 2 types of smog and steam
* dirty water (texture and color)
* 2 types of pylon and platforms

- game objects:
* 7 types of kegs
* poster
* 3 types of street lamps (off and on)
* airship (balloon, ropes, 4 frames of gears for animation, 3 frames of hook for animation, 3 frames of propeller for animation. Two size.
* elevator (4 frames for animation up, 4 frames for animation down, lift chain, static elevator)
* full complex of pipes and pipe support (for complex creating of pipelines you need)
* boiler
* box
* crystall
* pneumatic post (starter, capsule and lever in 3 positions)

Good luck with your projects!