Discussion on 2D Trash Stamper - Vector Actions Pack

Discussion on 2D Trash Stamper - Vector Actions Pack

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Hi, how do I move the underlying texture? Love your product by the way!

Loved this work :)


End products can be sold on microstock sites?

Hi, not sure exactly, please read “tools license” or better ask envato support.

I am using Illustrator CS4 and no matter what I do I continue to get an error: cannot find swatch. Using your TEMPLATE FILE. Even changed my logo to one of the swatches in your TEMPLATE FILE. And still get the “CANNOT FIND SWATCH”! Please help immediately. Thank you

Mac/PC? What OS, do you see the swatches in windows/swatches panel in template file?

Mac, OS 10.6.8, SWATCHES? yes but what swatches am I looking for? It’s seems to be the standard swatches in there. Nothing different.

Works perfect CS5. Thanks.

Thanx for purchase and feedback! Rate please :sunglasses:

Hello, I’ve downloaded the files, loaded the actions, but when I run them I always get the same end result. It doesn’t matter which 2D stamper action I play, always ends up the same. I thought each one was a different style? Am I doing something wrong? Help :) I’m using Illustrator CS5. Thanks.

Can I tell you how much I LOVE this Action Pack? ** no! It’s fabulous. Thanks for all the hard work – it shows. Works great in CS6.

Thank you, dixiehaynes! Glad you like it! :sunglasses:


I try to edit transparency as VDO tutorial but it does now allow me to check “clip” box

Mine is CS5

Hello, I don’t exactly sure that I understand what you need, you can use clip box after action complete (before finalizer), with your object selected. after finalizer action clip will not available because your object become flattened into one object. If you want edit transparency as opacity – use appropriate slider at transparency panel.

done. Thx

Do I just re download?

Yes, you can see latest version update at item description.

Do you have an upgrade for the 2D stamper? If so, can you send it to me?

Hi, latest updated file here on site.

I have problem like Daniel at first, but after I uncheck ‘New Opacity Mask Are Clipping’ the problem solved. I’m on CS3 . Thanks kontramax

Thank you for purchase and testing!

Thank you for purchase and testing!

Great item. Tested it in CS4 , CS5, CS6 and it works in each. Initially I had the same issue in CS5 as described by a few others but it was just a simple settings change in the transparency panel like you describe in your FAQ /Video. Easily 5 star item :)

thank you, deiby, for testing and report!

I am using Illustrator CS5 and no matter what I do I continue to get an error: cannot find swatch.

Hey man, you need load actions to you illustrator always manually through action panel, see illustrator help if needed. Then you can open my template, put logo, select it and start actions there, thats all. If you have any troubles using trash stamper, contact me through my profile here and send me your teamviewer data and I will look at your issue.

i DO EVERYTHING you say… i load the Actions… very simple to do. I am USING THE FILE YOU Provided… but there is a SWATCH MISSING . I even look at the swatch panel and there is nothing there. I am happy to send you a screencast of my computer so you can see that I’m doing everything correctly. I know what I am doing in Illustrator… so these functions are simple and not beyond my scope of knowledge. The SWATCHES are not present in the file I have. :(

Hi I bought this action yesterday but doesn’t looks like sample file. guess, scratch style is not working. also have the same problem here as Daniel”Daniel_R” and others. Do you have fixed file for ill5?

MacOS10.7.5(Lion) Illustrator5.1

Version:-2D Trash Stamper – Vector Actions Pack. (updated version from 16 may 2012)

here is the file after finalized.(same as Daniel)


Hi! Please contact me from my profile, I can look at your issue through teamviewer.

I don’t want you to control my Mac by remote control software. So, Please send me fixed file which works on CS5 . Seems like, many people has same problem in CS5 .


Hi. File is working perfect in CS5 , and in other Ai versions. Read help file. So if you need my support please contact me by particular way here, not through comments area, as described in help file. If you not satisfied with this actions you always can ask envato support for refund. Thank you.


describe your problem and how you solve it, please

Copy Action set to program files/adobe/ilustrator/action. open Ai>> load action>> button mode>> restart Ai Open “Start Here” file>> copy paste logo>> place logo centre of frame>> logo size don’t too large>> group logo> select logo> PLAY ACTION NO 1 FOR TEXTURE NO 1 !!!!!!!!!!...... >>>>FInalizer

Yeah, thats right, only copy actions to Ai folder and restart Ai not required. You can just load actions from any place.

I have read the above comments and no, it does not help. I will have to order a refund if you are unable to provide a working item for CS5 .

I doubt that it has to do with the logo I am using since it does not work with the logos that come with your item either.

2D stamper also works in CS6 . You can give me your TeamViewer, I’ll look whats wrong. Please all further questions trough envato message system, not here.

Hi, I sent latest version to your mail as you ask and write you that I can look your issue by TeamViewer. Still no answer from you.

This item and the action do not work as advertised, same problem as previously described by Daniel_R, Lotti, gil3s.

Hi, may be you use CS6 ? In CS3 -CS5 all works fine. Read help file.

Also try to check/uncheck option ‘New Opacity Mask Are Clipping’ in illustrator Transparency window there in menu, before starting 2D stamper action. And please write is it help with your issue?

Hi, I also have the same issue as Daniel and Lotti, have used my own outlined + your example logos, and result is exactly the same as detailed in Daniel_R’s screen cast. Any help gratefully received.

Please write me from profile here.

Hi there, I have the same problem as Daniel_R, I tried using your logos and it does the same?


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