30 Perfect Landscape Lightroom & Camera Raw Presets

30 Perfect Landscape Lightroom & Camera Raw Presets

About 30 Perfect Landscape Lightroom & Camera RAW Presets:

This collection contains 30 carefully crafted Lightroom & Camera RAW presets, specially developed for landscape and travel photos to speed up your lightroom workflow and bring high quality creative looks to your photography. Perfect Landscape presets are perfect for photographers and graphic designers. It includes exactly what is needed to work with travel photos without clutter or extra features that distract. Following are some of its features:

Very important features:

  • 30 Premium Presets tested in Lightroom & Camera RAW
  • Professional and unique result achievable in one click
  • 100% non-destructive, we have been tasted them on different photos, and the results is awesome
  • Easy to use, just one click + Instalation file + powerful support if needed
  • This presets don’t change the WB (White Balance) of your image, they work with color, exposure, contrast, whites, blacks etc. This means that if your WB is okay, they do almost the same effect as on the preview image, and this is awesome.
  • No camera calibration profiles needed

Included 30 Perfect Landscape Lightroom & Camera RAW Presets

  • 1-Huba Landscape x1
  • 2-Huba Landscape f3
  • 3-Huba Landscape f3 +
  • 4-Huba Landscape h6
  • 5-Huba Landscape L0
  • 6-Huba Landscape p7
  • 7-Huba Landscape t2
  • 8-Huba Landscape r6
  • 9-Huba Landscape z10
  • 10-Huba Landscape s8
  • 11-Huba Landscape g4
  • 12-Huba Landscape n2
  • 13-Huba Landscape k7
  • 14-Huba Landscape b1
  • 15-Huba Landscape b1 +
  • 16-Huba Landscape h3
  • 17-Huba Landscape s0
  • 18-Huba Landscape g1
  • 19-Huba Landscape e3
  • 20-Huba Landscape t5
  • 21-Huba Landscape k1
  • 22-Huba Landscape p2
  • 23-Huba Landscape u6
  • 24-Huba Landscape c7
  • 25-Huba Landscape w1
  • 26-Huba Landscape k9
  • 27-Huba Landscape y7
  • 28-Huba Landscape o4
  • 29-Huba Landscape r9
  • 30-Huba Landscape m1

The file type: .lrtemplate & .xmp
Designed to be used with: DNG,PSD, RAW, JPG, TIFF
Lightroom & Camera RAW: 4.x or above
Helpful Instalation file added

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