Discussion on 32 Realistic Modern Web Shadows

Discussion on 32 Realistic Modern Web Shadows

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can the png files be easily resized or do you need access to photoshop? what dimensions are the png files?


PNG files are around 1370px in width and they are prepared for 960px width boxes. It is easy to downsize them to the size that you want from PSD files or PNG files. Each time you should have access to photoshop. You can resize them for bigger boxes too, but please remember that shadows are not vectors, so bigger size will mean slightly lower quality. Good side is that they are already blured so the loss of quality won’t be very visible.

Wow very solid work! :)

Thank you! :)


I sent an email but no response yet so I psote here

I bought but I can not use for printing, because lack of resolution (21 cm X 21 cm at 300 dpi).

Is it possible to buy as file actions for photoshop ATN.

That would make me great service, as your shadows are my best, and is very professional.

Looking forward to read;-)

Sincerely – Helios06


Unfortunately 32 Realistic Moder Web Shadows are designed to be used mostly in Web project and 300dpi resolution is not available. This file is prepared in 1370×634, as you can see in item description, and I agree with you that it can be too small for some projects, especially for printing. Although, those shadows are quite easy to resize without loosing too much quality because they don’t have many sharp edges, so maybe you should try to resize them and examine the quality, and try to improve it by adding a very soft gaussian blur after resizing. Unfortunately I didn’t use any action to create this file so won’t be able to reproduce it easily.

Best regards


Thank you for your reply, I will want buy photoshop ATN action file to make shadows automatically.

If you develop it and sell it, let me know ;-)

Best regards


Sure, I will let you know :)

Thanks, Damian

I’ve added this item in my collection. Please rate this collection :)

Used it on my videohive profile and it looks so profesional. Defenety worth buying it! :)

Hello, Can you please tell me how do I: - Change box color? - Change box dimensions? Thanks.

Hello, in order to change box color, you can play with Hue / Saturation filter or double click on “bg” layer, go to layer options -> Color overlay -> select “Color” and adjust your own color.

In order to change box dimensions – you can just resize the box with ctrl+t by free-transforming it.


Awesome work! ;) GL with sales!

Great work! I am not a designer, but these small shadows made my design so attractive. I really like how my design looks like. I spent usd$14.00. for different things on envato, and now my design looks very good.

Keep working! :)


Thank you very much for your kind words! :) I really appreciate that, keep buying stock files and work on your designs faster!:)

Best regards

Top Rate Item.

The only possible criticism I could have is rather display the shadows in one long vertical PSD rather than swapping layer visibility through all of them. It’s a little cumbersome checking which shadow I’m looking for on the flat image and the going back to the psd and finding the correct layer.

Anyway 5 Stars:

thanks. i hope i will use it in some boxes and photos. I am looking for jquery theme masks or just one style masks that cover most website needs. May be around 300 per set that covers and go inside a button will do. add, delete , cancel , save , update , edit are basics crud operations icons. if you categorize every type and use as jquery theme icons also as base.. i will buy icons as one style set. if you do one style you can do many style. i want someone with graphics can spend time on it..

Hello there,

I’m not sure that I understand you correctly ;) I don’t plan to release any jQuery products in the near future

Kind regards

thanks, great job! :D

You welcome :):D

This may be a dumb question and honestly as well as I know Photoshop, I’m embarrassed to ask… But I’ve tried figuring it out with no luck. Where do you change the bg color of the slider? I tried changing the bg color with no luck and the container layer is turned off. When I turn it back on, it won’t let me edit the color. What am i missing? It has to be a simple solution, but I’m just missing it… THANKS ! Love your file!

Hello! :)

Please find layer named “bg”, it’s in “Slider” group. Next thing is to click with control on it to select it’s area, and go to Image > Adjustments > Hue & Saturation and play with scrollbars to change color!:)

Kind regards

There’s so many different shadows to use in just one application. Can these be used in different projects with the regular license? To clarify, how many times can I use the same shadow, just once or many times in different projects?

Hello, please read more about regular and extended licenses here:

Warm regards :)


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