35 Filetype Icons Set

35 Filetype Icons Set

35 Filetype Icons Set

What’s included in the purchased files?

1. “PSDs” Folder: includes 1 PSD file for each icon. the PSD file contains layered detailed vector shaped graphics.

2. “PNGs” Folder: contains 6 sub-folders (one for each size).
Sizes include: ( 256×256 / 128×128 / 96×96 / 64×64 / 48×48 / 32×32 ).

3. Help Folder: includes simple html help file.

Icons included:

  • AEP Icon: for Adobe After Effects
  • AI Icon: for Adobe Illustrator
  • APP Icon: for Apple Mac
  • ASL Icon: for Adobe(photoshop) Style Layer
  • ATN Icon: for Adobe Photoshop Action!!!
  • AVI Icon: for Audio Video Interleave
  • BMP Icon: for Bit Map Picture
  • CSS Icon: for Cascading Style Sheets
  • DOC Icon: for Documents (Microsoft Word)
  • EPS Icon: for Encapsulated PostScript
  • EXE Icon: for Executable “Windows Applications”
  • FLA Icon: for FLAsh!!!
  • FLV Icon: for Flash Video
  • GIF Icon: for Graphics Interchange Format
  • HTML Icon: for Hyper Text Markup Language
  • INDD Icon: for InDesign
  • JPG Icon: for Joint Photographic (Experts) Group
  • MOV icon: for Multinational Organization Vertex (QuickTime Movie)
  • MP3 Icon: for MPEG Audio Layer III!!!
  • MPEG Icon: for Moving Picture Experts Group
  • PDF Icon: for Portable Document Format “Adobe Acrobat Document”
  • PHP I con: for Hypertext Preprocessor!!
  • PNG Icon: for Portable Network Graphics
  • PPJ Icon: for (Adobe) Premiere Project
  • PPT Icon: for MS PowerPoint
  • PSD Icon: for (Adobe) PhotoShop
  • RAR Icon: for Roshal ARchive (Data compression)
  • RM Icon: for Real Media (Real Player)
  • SWF Icon: for Small Web File (Adobe Flash File)
  • TXT Icon: for Text
  • WAV Icon: for Waveform (Audio File)
  • WMA Icon: for Windows Media Audio
  • WMV Icon: for Windows Media Video
  • XSL Icon: for EXtensible Stylesheet Language (MS EXCEL)
  • ZIP Icon: for Zone Information Protocol (Data compression)


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