3D Box Packaging

3D Box Packaging

This is not just a regular box template! It’s a 3d box visual generator with die cut template!

3D box visualization

  • Illustrator die cut template to create box design
  • Photoshop action and template to create 3D box visualization in a few seconds
  • Works in any languages


  • 1 pre-designed template in illustrator, can be modified
  • a script to run and you’re ready to go!
  • 1 blank pre-designed pre-rendered 3d box in hi-res 3000×2000 JPG
  • detailed user manual and quick start guide with screenshots
  • 3d box generator photoshop action (.atn) file

Plan drawings of the box is simple. The final image in a few seconds a script is running in can create your 3D. You can edit the finished artwork for the Regenerate a matter of seconds. Easy to use, but if you get stuck you can use the user manual. No special software is needed.

Design your own box with few easy steps:
  • transform your own design into a 3D box in seconds with a script
  • change the design in seconds anytime, because generating a new takes only seconds
  • easy to use, but manual is attached
  • no special software is needed

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