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Great Design Good luck with sales

Thanks Creativeartlab :)


He he Thanks Dost :)

Great!! but meyeder pic sara r kono pic nai? :P

Egula to ami kinchi bhai.. Beshi kinte parinai :P Tachara meyeder pic deyata ek dhroroner attraction :P:P Client ra beshi akrishto hoy. :D:D

Nice and well done design and good idea. Like how you have done it.

I think that you can change the colors of the boxes as you want and can change them.

Also want to know if you can stack them and mix them so you could have more than just 5 images, I mean, if you can duplicate them for example 6 times, and then combine them in photoshop you could have a 30 boxes composition for 30 different photos. I suposse that this would be possible.

Perhaps for duplicating the boxes, would be perhaps easier to make it within the same style and do not mix them, or would be also possible to mix the styles too ?


Hello SpaceRay,

Thanks for your interest! Actually these box are Perspective. These are not straight-forward. Its little bit difficult to duplicate them & stack+mix them smoothly. But you can try it. Duplication, little bit rotation, Distortion, some fake shadows, some 3d elements like this, can give you Something really Cool. Everything is depends on you. But Replacing the Photos are very easy, just 3 steps.

Well, You can try to replace your images first, then merge it, then copy & paste it into a new document. Then back to main PSD , undo few steps & replace your other images, merge it & copy & paste it into that document you created earlier. Some distortion, rotation, fake shadows gives you a nice & beautiful result. You need to work more to increase the boxes. But 3 or 5 Placeholders are pretty easy to edit. :)

Thanks, if you want to know more, please write it & let me answer it. :)