Discussion on 3D DVD TEMPLATE in 1-2-3

Discussion on 3D DVD TEMPLATE in 1-2-3

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I wish i would have known this doesnt work on CS5+. it has no purpose if you open the psd and it says Flatten with no other option. Can i get a refund?

doesnt work in photoshop cs 6; try to edit it and the 3d mesh moves everywhere. Any chance to get an updated version?

As of right now, this file is broken with no support from the author other than a short, “I’m looking into it” comment from him.

Just to echo what others have said, right now this is unusable for me in CS 5 .1 . I purchased it about a year ago and it functioned great in CS4 .

Recently, I upgraded to CS5 and tried to open some project files I was working on and I got the error, “Rasterize 3D Layer” with only “Ok” and “Cancel” being options. When you click “Ok”, the file is loaded without 3D objects, everything is just a collection of flattened smart object layers. If you hit “Cancel”, the file simply does not open.

Hi Guys

Got the same issue after buying. Didn’t scroll to the bottom of the thread, otherwise wouldn’t have bought it.

Perhaps the troubleshooter: are you using CS4 or CS5 for Mac?

Hi and thank you for the purchase… The file was created using CS4 on the PC – I am not sure if it makes a difference between OS systems. However, I am in process of updating and looking at this file for closely to resolve issues some are having.

Hi bcoleizzle…. I never did get it to work. Did you? I haven’t hear back from the creator of this image. I just had to mock them up as best I could. It would have been great to change the angle for me.

Thanks Gretta

I’m having the same issues as geoffschuyler in CS5 . Wants me to flatten the 3D objects.

Hi vibes35! Awesome….awesome mocks. I love the look of them. I purchased and I’m having the same issue as tanzir in that when I try to open the photoshop file in CS4 It asks to rasterize the file. It will not open the layered file. Here is the message. Upon opening it give “Rasterize 3D layer” (with the cancel or OK buttons) You hit o.k. and it rasterizes the layers.

I purchased because I need to have a straight on graphic of the spine of a CD.

Thanks so much..great work really. I want to be like you when I grow up.


Fantastic! This just saved me time I don’t have on this impromptu project. I had my client’s product shot done in ten minutes at the most.

Thank you so much for your purchase! :)

Hi, i purchased when your template when i try opening any of the .psd files it asks me to razterize the 3d layer and if i click Ok it flattens all the layers in the psd and if i click cancel it wont open. I’m using cs5 and my email is

How do I run the action for placement? Its til been months but still could not use your file.

Hi tanzir-

I am sorry you are having trouble with the file. There are actually no actions used with this file but rather smart objects within Photoshop.

You must have Photoshop CS4 for this to work and can refer to the ‘Create and edit Textures’ word document or PDF for detailed instructions.

Basically you will double-click on the smart object within the layer to modify, adjust or create your own artwork which will then be applied to the DVD case.

I hope this helps!


Not sure why you did not get the email from me.

Included in the download instructions are the details for using the files included.

Basically, the file includes the views of the cases with corresponding actions to place your own custom work. So for instance- you open the dvd case in photoshop and then use the file that relates to the case front as an example and create your own cover art or image. Then drag this file onto the dvd case and run the action for placement of the artwork. I have had a couple request to use smart objects instead and may change that soon. I hope this helps!


Hello Vibe,

I’m still waiting for your email for support, its been 4 days till now.

Thank you, Tanzir

Hi Vibe35,

These are the files I got from this purchase :


7 JPEG Preview images.


DVD _Template_1 DVD _Template_2 DVD _Template_3 DVD _Template_4 DVD _Template_5

All template in this is flatten images of the video case with only drop shadow effect. So, I can’t really work on it or to change/replace the images. Please let me know how to costomise it, since it;s already a flatten image. I’v also clicked on the one of the layer (for e.g front) but nothing appers eccept the layer style box with the drop shadow option.

PLEASE HELP . I’ve also send you my email address.

Looking forward to use your product and service

Thank you!

Hi, I just purchased this item and I’m using cs3. All the disk covers are flaten and not layerd. If i follow the instruction by clicking on the tab, notheing appears. So, I cant change the design.


Thank you

Hi tanzir-

Please send me your email and I can help you with this :)

The file is fine and the flattened images are only examples to show usage with templates included for the custom sizes of each to create your own.


Thank you – extremely good quality, thank you very much! :)

thanks very much, that’s a very well thought out answer – excellent work on these too, best DVD cases I’ve ever seen anywhere. superb workmanship on these.


cool stuff there, interesting technique :)


Thank you all for your comments!

Concerning Actions- – the file is Photoshop CS4 and built upon the 3D enhancements of that new update.

What this means is that the DVD cases are true 3D objects within the scene that I imported from 3D StudioMax. Because of that the cases are textured and mapped according to the UVW mapping system.

So…. to change a texture or image for the cover art to your own you simply double-click the layer for that current art.

For instance if you double click the cover art layer a NEW tab will open in Photoshop showing the current cover art image. Simply create your own cover art and click the tab to activate your template file and the texture or new image will AUTOMATICALLY be applied to the DVD case.

What this does is eliminate the need for custom actions and provides an even easier solution with the Photoshop CS4 framework.

Other fun things you can do is rotate the cases using a few new tools within Photoshop CS4 to create your own perspectives. The README file goes into much more detail.

Now with all that said I have had some ask for a CS3 Photoshop version which is being reviewed now and should be up shortly. The CS3 version contains (17) custom actions and (7) template designs for your use.

If you have Photoshop CS4 I would suggest this version of the DVD template as it offers many more possibilities. If you own Photoshop CS3 you will have the same quality with custom actions within the next day or two i am sure :)

Thank you all again!! Regards

does this include the actions as well as psds?


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