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does this work with the new cc 14 update?

There is no sound on the video presentation, so no way of learning how to use what looks like a fabulous tool :(

Can you sort the video out so we can hear your instructions or, provide detailed instructions? Thanks

The whole process from start to finish. The video is blurry as well as silent. In simple terms, I can’t see which buttons to press, or when

You can change the youtube player setting and watch the tutorial in 720p quality. ;) The tutorial shows all you need to generate a map.

I have tried that. It is still blurry, goes very fast and, rather unhelpfully, the buttons are also in German (?) which makes it even harder to work out what button needs to pressed and when :(

I have NO clue how to start a new map document. Please send directions as soon as possible. It isn’t clear how to start.

You have to buy it before you get any support.

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Nice work. I very like it)

How would I go about adding custom buildings from a photo? Would that even be possible? THanks!

Hi dude, I’m trying to use this action on Photoshop CC but it’s not working. When I start action; couple of layers later it says; “The object “style layer_1” is not available.”

Please help, thanks :)

Hi! Please install the styles ;) -> read the instructions

Thanks for respond! :)

I am just wondering: can I use this in Photoshop Elements as well?

No. From Photoshop CS3 +

Hello, it seems I am having the same problems as others here. I have read the instructions, followed each step but still can only get a black 3D shape. This looks like a very cool product, but the instructions as followed do not work. I keep getting these messages,

The object “style “layer_1”” is not currently available.

I have used actions many times and the files are installed in the correct places but still no luck. Please advise, james@centerstarmarketing.com

Hi James, the error message says you have NOT installed the styles correctly. Open the style palette and browse to the styles to install.

Hello, may I know what’s the difference between this and 3D Map Generator 2?

Hi, please read the description. More Infos about the generators you’ll find here: www.3d-map-generator.com

Would I still need 3d map generator if I bought 3d map generator 2?

No. But only for the 3D-Generator 2 you can use the isometric icon sets.

Hi ! i have a french version of photoshop. In spite of that, is it possible to use your actions aniway ?

Hi! Yes, it’s language independent :)

does it work well with PhotoShop CS5? How many elements does this comes with?

Yes, as described :)

Please level up to a Game Generator ! ;)

:D Woher weißt du? WIr haben uns schon eine Weile damit beschäftigt, es aber wieder verworfen (Aufwand). Was müsste dieser Generator denn können? Ideen und gern auch technische Anforderungen einfach als Mail an mich (Kontaktformular auf der Profilseite). Vielleicht geht da ja was. Vielen Dank und beste Grüße, mic

:D Ich hab gerade ne Mail geschrieben und hoffe das etwas nützliches dabei war :)

Ich danke dir :)

Hi. Can you clarify to me license details, please: ”...Single user, to create unlimited end products…” In short, If I buy your generator, can I use it in commercial purpose, to build a website where I can use such map as background? Map or icons will not be items for reselling, but they will be there as decoration. Kind regards, Dejan.

Hi Dejan! Yes you can use the created maps (results) for commercial and private projects as you like :) Only the generator (the tool) itself you can not offer / sell or share! Hope that will help, mic

OK, Mic. Thank you for your quick reply. Keep up the brilliant work…

You’re welcome :)

i’ve tried all 3 options and each time i get a flat image ( has the green grass effect ) but it’s flat.. might have tiny drop shadow but now the 3d effect / depth shown in the images or video. What could be wrong ? .

i’m using photoshop . cs6

I also getting errors when running them.. and i’m just using default photoshop shapes to start with. I just got error no pixels where selected and it stopped. thats running the frontal one.

Write me an email. Then aend me screens from the error message and your style palette. Mic

I have the most recent version of Photoshop, the action is not working. Is there an updated version available?

- tell us what exactly you have done
- what’s the error message
- what’s your Photoshop version
- screenshots are helpful
- videos are very helpful