Support for 3D Map Generator - Terrain from Heightmap

Support for 3D Map Generator - Terrain from Heightmap

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1) Photoshop CC-2018: The map creating process stops after a few seconds without creating anything.

Please watch the following short video tutorial:

Note: If you’ve the updated version (from V1.3) then simply click the “Refresh” button in the help panel of the plugin. The plugin refresh all necessary resources itself.

2) How can I update the extension?

1. Uninstall your 3D Map Generator – Terrain plugin from your computer (Read the PDF instructions)
2. Login to your envato account, go to your envato download section and download the item archive again
3. Unzip and install the extension as described (PDF). Now you’re up to date!

3) Installation: I successfully installed the plugin. But when I open it, Photoshop displays an error message: “Cannot complete command because the extension could not be loaded.” or “The 3D Map Generator-Terrain extension could not be loaded because the extension it was not properly signed”

As described in the instructions PDF, there must not be changed, copied or deleted anything inside the installation folder. Otherwise the signature will be damaged and Photoshop will not be able to open the extension. To solve the problem, follow these steps:

1. Delete your 3D Map Generator – Terrain download package from your computer
2. Login to your envato account, go to your envato download section and download the archive again
3. Unzip and install the extension as described. Make sure that you do not change anything inside the install folder.

4) Heightmapper: When I transfer the Google Maps URL to the heightmapper, no heightmap appears and the browser screen remains blank.

1. Note that you are copying and transferring the “map view” URL to the heightmapper. It does not work by using the satellite map (texture) URL.

2. Make sure that the zoom factor does not exceed 14z. For most areas, the highest zoom factor is between 12z and 14z.

5) Heightmapper: I can not find the option “3D off” at Google Maps terrain mode anymore.

Google has changed this feature. Turn off globe, above the traffic setting to get a 2D satellite map (texture).

6) How to get a bigger sized 3D Map from my heightmap

For creating a bigger 3D map from a heightmap and a Google Map texture, the source document has to be enlarged. Please watch this short tutorial:

7) How to change the resolution of the finished 3D map to 300 dpi

The finished 3D map has a default resolution of 72 dpi. If you simply raise it to 300 dpi, the result would be blurry. The resolution has to be raised without changing the dimensions of the map to keep the result sharp. Please watch this short tutorial:

8 ) My 3D map has numerous peaks or needles. What can I do?

These errors are caused by the unhidden texture layer. Simply hide your texture layer or name your texture layer “texture”. Then set the Map Height in the panel.

9) Installation: The Extension Manager CC is not able to open the installation file

From Photoshop version CC-2014 on the Extension Manager is not longer supported. Please use our own installer to install the plugin. Read the instructions PDF and watch the short video tutorials for your Photoshop version first.

10) I can not open the plugin. The plugin will appear in Photoshop Window > Extensions but it will not open.

The new Photoshop Welcome-Screen hide all extensions. Simply open a new document and try again to open the plugin. A permanent solution is to disable the Welcome Screen in Photoshop Preferences:

11) I can not open the plugin. The Window> Extension menu is greyed out.

Open the Photoshop preferences and make sure that “Load Extension Panels” is enabled.

February 9, 2022 – Important certificate update

At the moment all timestamps of our plugins have expired. Therefore, you will probably get a Photoshop error message: “The extension could not be loaded it was not properly signed.”. Please download the plugin again and install as described.

Thank you for your understanding, Mic

Announcements August, 2021

Adobe has announced a major Photoshop change that will affect us and our plugin users. In the foreseeable future (according to Adobe in 2 years), Adobe applications will no longer support CEP-based extensions.

Don’t worry :) Of course, our plugins can still be purchased and used as described above. Our support for purchased products will continue in the future!

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