Discussion on 3D Pressed Text Styles

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awesome styles :) for real :bigsmile:

wow.. very preety.. ill be uploading my very first style soon.hope you get a great sell.. -Jojo.

do these require multiple layer styles to work? If so you will need to make a note of that in the items description.

Ok. Thank you for your point. I thought that is too obvious for everyone. I’ve included a this informations in item description.

Just for your cooperation I have been kind enough to purchase your file :)

Thank you very much. I appreciate…

one of the the nice 3d styles. good job!!

very nice styles :)

Thank you guys. I appreciate your nice words.

Thank you Romeady.

really really good!

Thank you goldenbug

A perfect example of another 3D, but COMPLETELY NEW style. Awesome

Thank you Diego. I like your work too.