Discussion on 3D Stage Background Creator

Discussion on 3D Stage Background Creator

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Doesn’t work. All it does ist give me a bunch of errors saying stuff like “The command “Set” is not currently available. It seems to do the steps but then discard them? What’s happening?

Sorry for that inconvenience… May be you didn’t followed all the instructions. Please try again by following all the instrustion.. if the problem remains, I will solve it. Thanks

It doesn’t work for me, even with all the advices I read here and in the informations ! I sent you a message to have some help :)

Did you see my own video I made for you? :)

WonderArt? :)

yes… I didn’t understand you video clearly.. give me your mail address I will send you the video to you. Thanks

I tried to download the image resizer but there is no link to download it. Does this work with the latest version of PS?

Thanks for purchasing my item. Actually that file is uploaded long time ago. I’ll check it and update it. Will inform you soon. Please give your mail address. I’ll send it there.

have the last issue been solved? i’m willing to buy this,but i’m not fully confident right now…

Yeah.. ofcourse. It solved. It is not a big problem.

I’ve updated the instruction file too. Hope you guys will not get any problem more. :D

I’m also writing on FAQs. read it for more clear concept.

Thank you.

Not sure what I am doing wrong been trying for an hour Open image, change to right size, it is named “Background”, it is locked, foreground color-white Background color-Black, and when I run action I just get a transparent layer or a little line across the top of the image while everything below is transparent.

At first.. did your problem solved??

Yes, Resoluition is matter when you open a new document and work with it.. If you open a fresh image then resulotion is not a matter.. I thought you working by opening a new document. So, if you working with a fresh image.. why you facing that problem.. Did you use same size image for same size action… like 3000×2000 pixel sized image for “3000×2000” action.. or 3000×2000 pixel sized image for “1600×1200”, “2560×1600” or “3000×3000” action…. Just re-check carefully and try another time.. It is clearly written in “readme” file..

Hope your problem will solved.. Thank you If you need any further help or support feel free to mail me –

I’m sorry..this thing will just not time it did, but after that nothing. all I get is an error that says “Move command is not available” if I add a layer, then I either get the exact same pic I started with just renamed or I get the total transparent background…I’d like to post a video but I don’t know how.

Please send me a screenshot of your screen after getting that result to my mail …

This is awesome! I spent the last hour turning every image I could find into 3d backgrounds. Very fun and useful action!


Thank you … happy to hear that… pls rate it :D

This works great and is really easy to use and well explained.

Thanks for a great file.

you are most welcome… please rate it … :)

Hey thanks … :D

not sure what I’m doing wrong but it’s not working for me. After the whole actions goes thru I get an empty background (default PS check-board). Any clue how to fix it?

Tested it with all 4 variations ( 4 different bg sizes). Sometimes getting message from PS “The command ‘Move’ is not currently available.”.

maybe you aren’t using the same sized BG as action … try using exact same size as the action named…

I have tested it many times… it works for me… and I know it will fix… :)

When you open a BG then look, is the layer named “backgrounds” and is the layer locked… ? If not then make it…

If you need further assistance feel free to mail me through my profile any time….. BTW thanks for purchasing my product.. please rate it… :)

I was using background as the action layer but my foreground/background weren’t set to white/black. The moment I changed that it worked.

Thanks a lot for cool product!

ooops ;) that is the problem.. :D you are most welcome…. :D

Excellent job and great idea :)

thanks mate :D

Mego!!!!!! :bigsmile: Good luck! ;)

thanks mate ;)

Nice time saver, great idea! Bookmarked.

many many thanks for that :D

What a idea? Awesome Dude…........

thanks bro :D


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