Discussion on 3D Text Effect: Metal Edition

Discussion on 3D Text Effect: Metal Edition

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Very nicely done! Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks! ;)

Thanks! ;)

wow.. very nice and effective.. good work mate :)

Thanks ;)

Great work as always.

Thanks :)

Really cool!


very good!!

10 stars!!

Thanks a lot jump1r! ;)

Hi Vikentijs,

The items you mentioned have similar materials, but the purpose and the use of those items are very different. 3D Text Effect: Metal Edition is a Photoshop PSD file with a 3D effect, which was achieved by combining two or more layers. This effect can be applied only to text. On the other hand, the item Premium Metal Styles Vol. 1 is a set of Photoshop ASL styles, which can be applied to all sorts of layers.

I hope that my answer has helped you.

Thanks for your purchase and best regards!

Yes that kinda answers my question. I really love these styles, they are like one of the best here in Graphic river. Especially I love gold, shiny, matte and clean, I use them in many posters I make. Thanks ;)

Awesome work vladedimovski i purchased a few weeks back but forgot to give feedback anyhow 5 stars mate love it!! Where’s pt2 :)

Thank you very much teebone! I’m planning another version for Premium Metal Styles and maybe for 3D Text Effect: Metal Edition. I have to come up with a new list of materials :) If you have an idea for new materials, feel free to write me. If they are applicable, they’ll be part of the new version.



Hello, I am new to this site, and pretty new to Photoshop. This is a beautiful effect and is exactly the type of effect I need for a client. My question is, is this effect intended for web purposes only, or does it translate well, quality-wise, for print as well.

Thank you for any help!



Do I kneed only photoshop in order edit this package of letters?


Yes, you need only Photoshop for editing the letters.