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Very nice Job :)

Many many thanks to you

Is it possible to change the standing variation. Like from left to right so flip horizontal? Or are the images are also reflected?

yes, it is possible to change the whole mock-up with flip horizontal. But images are also reflected with that changes. I have a solution to fix the problem. If you place all images with flip horizontal in the smart object, you will get automatic right position image in the main display, when you rotate the file with 180 degree or flip horizontal.

Do I get PNG transparent bg with this purchase? I do not have photoshop.. all I need is png

Hello, You do not get any png or jpg format image with this purchase. You will only get the PSD mock-up files, where you will be able to replace screenshots.

How can I convert PSD mockup files to png or jpg without adobe? Can you please help me get those? I am willing to buy right now

Every PSD file is 100% layered, so you can not directly convert it without adobe. You can do it via psd converter websites. But you have to pay for it. But I think you want to get only the images which I displayed on the item preview. But in the mock-up PSD files, the web screenshots used in the preview is not provided. You will get some blank page, where you have to replace your screenshot via smart object. Please see the video tutorial-

Presumably on, for example, style 2 rather than have 5 screenshots in the final render if i wanted just 3 I could run the action with 5 and choose which two to remove once the action has run? If I used the first, middle and last item I’d then want to close the gap slightly – presumably this is also easy as they are rendered as separate layers?


hi, The item you told about is not a photoshop action file, it is a psd mock-up file. You can replace each screenshot via smart object. For 5 screen display, total 5 smart object layer is provided in that psd file. Each psd file is 100% layered. So you will be able to hide any screen and you can move any screen if you want. Only there will be a problem in the shadow layer. If you hide shadow, it will be fine and good looking. See the video below-