40 Designs with 900 E-commerce png Icons Metro + iOS

40 Designs with 900 E-commerce png Icons Metro + iOS

Every app whether mobile or desktop would in one way or the other incorporate e-commerce elements.

icon highlights

Great for Developers and Time Saver for Designers

Our icons are professionally created to make developers look good and designers feel comfortable using.

900 PNG Files and 40 Designs

Enough to focus specifically on e-commerce and with the 900 combinations we’ve included, you can easily use these icons for prototyping or actual production.

Vectors Allow Greater Flexibility and Quality

You can easily enlarge it to any size you want without the loss of quality in the design.

Works well with Metro, iPhone, iOS, or Android Designs

You can feel at easy when you want to place our icons in either on any mobile platform or simply your desktop application or even your website. We’ve made sure it looks great and our included icon styles will help you visualize how it will look on implementation.

icon names

  • favorites
  • wallet
  • paypal
  • profile
  • settings
  • money bag
  • global
  • shopping carts
  • calculator
  • bar code
  • shop
  • product finder
  • open 24/7
  • cash
  • cash register
  • favorite bag
  • open sign
  • identification
  • sale
  • secure lock
  • packaging
  • gift check
  • limited time offer
  • online mall
  • customer support
  • piggy bank
  • paper bag
  • check
  • secure unlocked
  • hot product
  • mobile alerts
  • QR code reader
  • price tag
  • hurry shopper
  • mastercard
  • pay cash
  • pay credit card
  • credit card back
  • visa card
  • carts

Model image and iPhone mock up not included :)
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