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I bought this item and when I downloaded it I noticed that the .ai file is completely blank. There are no halftone patterns in the file whatsoever. The .png files are there, but I need them to be vector. Can you please help me figure out what might be the problem here?

Thank you -Nicole

Nevermind I figured it out.. In the swatches!

You are absolutely right! )

running CS4, file generated in newer version, does not import into swatches. want vector not png.

Ottoson, you rock! Problem resolved.


I am running CS 5 and I too receive the error message ‘Generated by newer version of illustrator’. How do i fix this?

Send me your email

Thank you Ottoson the updated file works perfectly! Cheers!

Hi. The description says ‘Easy combine’ and Easy Recolor’ . . . but how?

Hey there! How combine pattern you can see at preview – item details. I recorded little video tutorial how to recolor your pattern, you can see it, or download it here: If you have any questions just mail me.

Got it. I used the same principal to combine patterns. Many thanks.

does it work on windows?

Yes, sure

Patterns are good—but using them continually causes illustrator to crash & quit. Would appreciate a refund on this as not really usable.

All patterns have been tested in Illustrator CS4,CS5,CS6 and CC versions. You are the first from 223 buyer who faced this trouble.For refund you must email at Envato support.


xKirbs Purchased

Hi could you again explain how to combine/recolour ? The dropbox video is empty! Many thanks

Hi! Check this video