450 Minimal Lines Vector Icons Set

450 Minimal Lines Vector Icons Set

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Best Flat line Icons Set in the market place for use in Mobile apps, Websites, UI and for many more.Icons are fresh styled icons which uses the Flat stroke lines only to get the stylish look. Icons are mainly used by developers , so it contain menu, toolbar, e-commerce, finance, office, weather, rating, Arrows, File storage, Online Icons and many other icons, which are a must have for developer to design their application with the latest icons.

Variations of formats are available, so you can choose the best for your projects.

Icons include:

Media Media Icons, Cameras, Video, Video Call, Film, HD, Full Screen, Cinema, Ticket, Games, Console, Joystick, Mobile, Telephone, Pay phone, Mobile, Cell, Smartphone, Single, Battery level, Battery, Tablet, Touchscreen, Button, PC, Computer, Desktop, Monitor, Wireless Mouse, Mouse, Laptop, Power, TV, Printer, Ink, Toner, Camera, Polaroid, Instant, Eye, Image, 35 mm Film, Stick, Speaker, Volume, Headphones, Mic, Microphone, Radio, Antenna, WiFi, Music, Notes, Tracks, Albums, Playlist, Equalizer, Sound Wave, Speakers, Cassette, Walkman, CD, MP3 Player, E-book, E-reader, Bookmarks, Clocks, Timers, Alarm, Stopwatch.

Shopping Store, Shop, E-shop, Shopping Cart, Shopping Basket, Credit Cards, Calculator, Tick, Cross, Accept, Decline, Multiple, Plus, Divide, Checkout, Tag, Box, Shipping, Truck, Courier, Cart, E-Cart, Phone Cart, PC Cart, Bar code, Maxy code,

File and Storage Cloud Storage, Upload, Download, Drives, Disk, Hard drive, CD, Wifi Signal, Bluetooth, Wireless, Hotspot

Online Attach, Email, Email Address, Address Book, Contacts, To Do List, Calendar, Inbox, Outbox, Bookmark, Flag, Notepad, Paperclip Web, HTML, CSS, Home, Next, Back, Magnify, Reduce, Hourglass, Search, Binoculars, Browser, Online News, News, RSS, Lock, Security, Password, Safe, Vault, Shield, Umbrella, Security, Caution, Info, No Entry, Settings, Dials, Toolbox, Cogs, Tools, Wastebasket, Trash, Webcams.

Social Social, Links, Medals, Chat, Dialogue, Happy, Smiley, Like, Dislike, Man, Woman, Couple, Profile, User, Star, Heart, Love, Drinks, Tea, Coffee, Burger, Soda, User.

Work Government, Court, Work, Factory, Office, Ideas, Case, Portfolio, Document, File, Formatting, Brush, Pencil, Spray Can, Scissors, Type, Typography, Graphs, Pie Charts, Alignment, Links, Pictures, Images, Pin, Calendar, Zip file, Folder, Line Chart, Financial Vectors.

Navigation Arrows, Navigation, Pin, Post, Signpost, Map, Marker, Compass, GPS,

Plus many many more…

Files include:

Adobe illustrator (files compatible with versions 10, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6).

PNG: 24×24 pixels 32×32 pixels 64×64 pixels 128×128 pixels 256×256 pixels 512×512 pixels


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