460 Mixed Flat Icons 2

460 Mixed Flat Icons 2

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460++ Mixed Flat Icons 2

460++ Mixed flat icons 2 is very much icons set with any format and also the icons set is multipurpose any project apps or project web, and this item well organized and named into 16 different categories: | Space | Buildings & Furniture | Medical | Music | Business & Finance | SEO & Web | Database | Folder & Files | Office | Kitchen | Map & Places | People | Sport | Accessories | Transportation & Navigation | Danger |.

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  • Free Updates
  • Color RGB
  • Curva Editable
  • Easy Scalable
  • Resizable
  • With or Without Background
  • Easy Change Colors
  • Fully Layer Named
  • Fully Editable
  • Fully Organized
  • Fully Customizable
  • Available in: AI, EPS, PSD, SVG & PNG
  • Item Will Be Updated With More Icons
  • Update Log:

    01/30/2015 – Version 2.0
    1. New - 32 Valentine Icons, Format included:
     AI | available editable curva, change colors, resizable, & more.
    EPS | available editable curva, change colors, resizable, & more.
    PSD | available editable curva, change colors, resizable, & more. (Vector Shape)
    SVG | available editable curva, change colors, resizable, & more. (Web Vector)
    PNG | not available editable.
    2. New - 30 Clothes Icons, Format included:
     AI | available editable curva, change colors, resizable, & more.
    EPS | available editable curva, change colors, resizable, & more.
    PSD | available editable curva, change colors, resizable, & more. (Vector Shape)
    SVG | available editable curva, change colors, resizable, & more. (Web Vector)
    PNG | not available editable.
    12/20/2014 – Version 1.5
    1. All Icon PSD Format can be Fully Editable & Resizable.
    2. More Structured Layer.

    Files Included:

  • 2 AI Files (AI CS 6 & AI CS 3) | available editable & resizable
  • 2 EPS Files (EPS CS 6 & EPS 10) | available editable & resizable
  • 1 PSD File (Vector Shape) | available editable & resizable (New V.1.5)
  • 1 SVG File (Web Vector) | available editable & resizable
  • PNG Files (512px, 256px, 128px, 64px, 48px, 32px, 16px) | not available editable & resizable

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    Icons List:

  • Space Icons: (22 Icons)
  • Alien, Constellations, Earth, Falling Star, Jupiter, Meteor, Milky Way, Moon Crescent, Moon Tracker, Moon, Rocket, Satelite, Satellite Receiver, Saturn, Solar System, Space Shuttle, Space Station, Star, Sun in Space, Telescope, UFO.
  • Buildings & Furniture Icons: (23 Icons)
  • Apartment, Bank, Brick, Bridge, Chair, Church, Coffee Shop, College, Cottage, Cupboard, Factory, Home, Hospital, Hotel, Lamp, Mosque, Office, Police Station, School, Shop, Sofa, Toilet, Window.
  • Valentine Icons (New V.2): (32 Icons)
  • 14 February, Bag, Balloon, Bear, Bow Arrow, Broken Heart, Cake, Candle, Ceers, Chat Love, Chocolate Love, Couple, Cupid, Female, Healed Heart, Heart Air Balloon, Heart Arrow, Heart, I Love U, Ice Cream, Locked Heart, Looking For Love, Love Message, Love Message, Male, Paper Message, Prize, Ring, Rose, Surprise, Tailed Heart, Winged Heart.
  • Clothes Icons (New V.2): (30 Icons)
  • Belt, Bikini, Blazer Suit, Dress, Gown, Hanger, Hat, Higt Heel, Hooded Jacket, Hot Pants, Jacket, Mechanic Suit, Pants, Shirt, Shoes, Singlet & Pants, Singlet, Skirt, Socks, Sweater, T-Shirt, Tie on Hanger, Tie, Towel on Hanger, Trouser, Tuxedo, Underwear, V-Neck T-Shirt, Vest, Women Blazer.
  • Medical Icons: (18 Icons)
  • Blood Transfusion, Clover, DNA, Eye, First Aid Bag, First Aid Box, Formula, Health Report, Health, Healthy, Heart, Molecule, Pill and Medicine, Pills, Plaster, Stetoscope, Syringe, Thermometer.
  • Music Icons: (12 Icons)
  • Audio Speaker, Drum, Equalizer, Guitar Elextric, Headphone, Microphone, Mini Sound System, Piano, Record Player, Sound System, Tones, Violin.
  • Business & Finance Icons: (37 Icons)
  • Abacus 1, Abacus 2, Add, Analytic, Bar Chart, Board, Calculator, Calendar, Card Member, Coins 1, Coins 2, Comment 1, Comment 2, Comment 3, Contact Book, Credit Card, Discount Label, Free Label, Gold, Hammer, Help, Hourglass, ID Card, Money Bag, Money Protection, New Lebel, Padlock, Paper Plane 1, Paper Plane 2, Pie Chart, Pig Money Saver, Price Label, Report and pen, Safes, Sale Label, Wallet, Weigher.
  • SEO & Web Icons: (28 Icons)
  • Around the World, Browser 1, Browser 2, Browsing, Cmd, Collapse, Download, Explore the Virtual World, Explorer Windows Microsoft, Finder Apple, Inbox, Keyword Research, Link Building, Magnet, Magnifier, Protection Fails, Protection High, Searching, Sending, Seo Mobile Marketing, Seo Target, Setting, Shield, Statistic, Time Management.
  • Database Icons: (26 Icons)
  • Database Add, Database Cloud, Database Delete, Database Disable, Database Double, Database Download, Database High Performance, Database Input Password, Database Key, Database Loading 1, Database Loading 2, Database Lock, Database Protection, Database Remove, Database Return, Database Save, Database Searching, Database Setting, Database Sucsess Synchronize, Database Switch, Database Synchronize, Database Tranfer File, Database Trash, Database Unlock, Database Upload, Database.
  • Folder & Files Icons: (52 Icons)
  • File Add, File Copy, File Corrupt, File Cut, File Favorite, File Loading, File Open Private, File Paste, File Pinned, File Private, File Protection, File Remove, File Replace, File Save, File Searching, File Setting, File Synchronize, File Trash, File Verify, Folder Add, Folder Delete, Folder Documents, Folder Explorer, Folder Favorite, Folder Files in, Folder Libraries With Document, Folder Libraries, Folder Loading, Folder Lock, Folder Music, Folder Pictures, Folder Protection, Folder Remove, Folder Save, Folder Searching, Folder Setting, Folder Synchronize, Folder To Database, Folder to Folder, Folder Trash, Folder Unlock, Folder Upload, Folder Verify, Folder Videos, Folder with Document, Folders, Libraries Documents, Libraries Favorite, Libraries Music, Libraries Pictures, Libraries Videos.
  • Office Icons: (25 Icons)
  • Books, Briefcase, Brush, Clipboard, Compact Camera, Cut, Dashboard 1, Dashboard 2, Diploma, Double Brush, Flashdisk,  Folder Icon, Folder, Message is Comming, Mobile, Monitor, Mp4, Note, Pictures, Pinned, Printer, Printing, Resume, Save, Trash.
  • Kitchen Icons: (24 Icons)
  • Bowl, Breakfast Egg, Chicken Eggs, Chief Senior, Chief, Coffee, Cooking Egg, Cooking, Countdown Cooking, Dish, Drink, Egg, Fork & Knife, Fork & Spoon, Fork, Spoon, & Knife, Fried Chicken, Lollipop, Milk, no Breakfast 1, no Breakfast 2, Oven, Plate, The Scales Empty, The Scales.
  • Map & Places Icons: (50 Icons)
  • Location Add, Location Bookmark, Location Configuration, Location Delete, Location Illegal, Location Loading Searching 1, Location Loading Searching 2, Location Open Private, Location Private, Location Protection, Location Quickest, Location Refresh, Location Remove, Location Save, Location Searching, Location Tracking 1, Location Tracking 2, Location Tracking 3, Location Trash, Location Turn Around, Location Unprivate, Location Verify, Location, Map + Bookmarks, Map + Location to Airport, Map + Location to Badminton Court, Map + Location to Bar, Map + Location to BassBall, Map + Location to BassBall, Map + Location to Bowling, Map + Location to Boxing, Map + Location to Cafe, Map + Location to Cinema, Map + Location to Circuit, Map + Location to Fuel Station, Map + Location to Gym, Map + Location to Karaoke, Map + Location to Karaoke, Map + Location to Seaports, Map + Location to Softball, Map + Location to Stadion, Map + Location to Studio, Map + Location to Tennis Court, Map + Location to University, Map + Location to Volleyball Court, Map + Location, Map + Search, Map, Radar, Target Define.
  • People Icons: (10 Icons)
  • Girl 1, Girl 2, Girl 3, Girl 4, Man 1, Man 2, Man 3, Man 4, Man 5, Man 6.
  • Sport Icons: (20 Icons)
  • Badminton, Bassball, Billiard, Bowlingball, Boxing, Club, Dice, Dices, Flag Race, Football, Game, Golfball, Gym, Softball, Spade, Swords 1, Swords 2, Tennis, Volleyball.
  • Accessories Icons: (25 Icons)
  • Christmas Ball, Crown 1, Crown 2, Diamond, Fan Hand, Giving, Graduation, Helmet, Jewel 1, Jewel 2, Lips, Love, Necklace, Pacman, Police Badge 1, Police Badge 2, Police Cap, Sad, Smile, Snap, Tie Ribbon, Tie, Trace, Umbrella, Vase.
  • Transportation & Navigation Icons: (22 Icons)
  • Car 1, Car 2, Car 3, Cars, Compas, Delivery, Directions, Fuel, Gear, Navigation 1, Navigation 2, Oil, Speeding Car, Steering Wheel, Street, Traffic Lights, Tree, Truck, Velg 1, Velg 2, Velg 3, Velg 4.
  • Danger Icons: (8 Icons)
  • Be Careful, Bomb, Nuclear 1, Nuclear 2, Shuriken 1, Shuriken 2, Shuriken 3.

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