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Clean and Elegant , very nice work ;)


Ouh yeah, featured!

Nice one, buddy :)

Nice job! Congratz for the feature!

Congrats for the feature, well deserved!

Would be good to have correct spelling, now it’s featured! :(

pice = piece

schwatch = swatch

:/ I’m so sorry…

No need to be sorry. :) It just looks more professional without spelling errors. If you are unsure of any spelling with your items, you are welcome to email me and I’ll help you. However, it should be the job of the reviewers, but I guess they aren’t that bothered!

Ok. Thanks.

From Where you get the mockup ?

I created it myself especially for this project.

Does mockup also include in the file ?

It’s not a mockup. This is a print template.

wonderful work bro

Clean and Elegant, Great Work !

Sorry but I’m new of this stuff… I need it to create my personalized CV: how it can be modified? With Adobe photoshop? or Word…I don’t think so… Nevertheless I’d like to modify it and to create some pdf to be distributed; this can be done?

Many thanks! Regards,


You can edit it using photoshop, indesign or word. Just export to pdf.

Hi, The fonts used are not working in the Word version of the resume. The fonts work fine in Adobe products, just not Word. I Googled it and Microsoft says that they do not support the fonts.

What can I do?

You can find fonts links in description. I tested it. Works fine.

What is the easiest way to place samples work into the latest work page?


For PS version just replace image layer. If you use Indesign version just select image press ctr + d and find your file.

Just purchased, but the download does NOT INCLUDE any “InDesign IDML file (for older versions)” as claimed and ADVERTISED on the sales page AND in the readme.pdf file included with the download. See list* of files that are claimed to be in the download below.

I am using InDesign CS5.5 and don’t have access to CS6 to be able to open the CS6 file and save it an IDML file so I can use it.

PLEASE ADD THE INDESIGN IDML FILE TO THE DOWNLOAD AND EMAIL ME AT randycla@gmail.com so I can download it again. I need the LETTER size version.

Thank you!

Randy Clark

= = =

From the Sales page:

*Files - Indesign CS6 file - Indesign IDML file (for older versions) - 8 PSD files - 8 .docx files - 8 .doc files

Sorry, I will add IDML file to download pack.

Fantastic customer service! HeliosMedia has ALREADY emailed me the InDesign IDML file, so I can open the resume template in Adobe InDesign CS 5.5!

And they will add it to the download package.

Again, GREAT customer service. Quick and responsive.

THANK YOU HeliosMedia.


I would like to know if it’s possible to have a two page resume or if it’s only one page?

I’m sorry but I don’t know what you mean…