5 Classical Vector Windows

5 Classical Vector Windows

Product Introduction

A set of well-structured classical vector windows, ideal to embed into complex advertising- or artworks such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, postcards with the impression of geniality, familiarity or elegance, in two versions:
  • one fully editable and
  • one quick-coloring version (ready to use or coloring quickly).

10 files included

  • 5 “_edit.eps” files of the 5 windows (with one layer), ideal to edit them: change and customize shapes, turn on or off outlines, add or delete frame layers. Windows’ glass shapes are included, so you can add a color or gradient fill to them.
  • 5 “_coloring.eps” files of the 5 windows (with one layers), ideal to quick color-customisation of the frame. Windows’ glass shapes are not included so “glasses” are transparent.

How to use

  • Edit shapes: if you would like to edit any of the basic shapes, use the “_edit.eps” files.
  • Coloring frame: if you just would like to change colors, use one of the “_coloring.eps” files. You can change the color of every basic elements one by one OR you can use the 4 predefined group of layers just to change shade quickly:
    • “Fittings” group can get some nice chrome effect or any other color or gradient…
    • “Outlines” group contains the outlines of the window – it has the darkest shades
    • “Shadows” group contains the darker parts of the window
    • “Highlights” group contains the lighter parts of the window

How to apply

You can see how I applied them to a theme here: Cats in the windows – Vector Windows on Behance

Default colors

Of course you can easily coloring the shapes, but you also can use it with the default colors. In “edit” files you will find one layer with the shades of gray. The other type of files contains two layers: first one is named “Grayscale”, here you can find the window with the same colors as in “edit” files; second layer, named “Brown” contains a version with shades of brown.
Files are in CMYK color mode by default.


If you like the cats on the example image, and you would like to use them in your work, I have a good news for you: I created them, and they are free!
You can find a presentation about them and their bat and pumpkin friends here:
Halloween Project on Behance /// by Drekinn

Thank you for your interesting!