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very nice item, gj :)

Thanks. :)

Thank you. :)

Nice tabs! Good sales

Thank you Joker. :)

Amazing! Good luck with sale! :)

Thanks, mate. :)

awesome..! tab =)

Thanks, buddy. :)

Nice item.. happy with sales :)

Thanks. :)

I love your tabs but have one question. I’m new to photoshop but after a few hours, I finally finished customizing your tabs – could you assist me in learning how to can save each tab separately instead of saving the entire page of tabs as a picture?

Each tab is divided in its own Layer Group – a group containing all the layers of the current tab you’re working upon. As long as you kept customizing them within the limits of its own Layer Groups you can Right Click on the Layer Group and Merge It (Merge Group). After you’ll have your group merged use the Select All command (CTRL+A) and Copy the artwork (CTRL+C). Then create New Document (File > New) and Paste the artwork (CTRL+V).

P.S. All the files need to be saved in .PNG format (File > Save As > Format > PNG (*.PNG)).

In case if you’re still troubled – feel free to e-mail me at madjarov.m@gmail.com at any time and I’ll handle it for you. Thank you for the purchasing the item.

Thank you!

Hey mate, your tabs are great! But there is any chance of you release a add-on for this with Email and Instagram tabs? Thank you!

Thank you for the purchase and I’m glad you like them buddy. I’m gonna make an effort to update the package as soon as I can and add these particular tabs you have requested.

Stay tuned! ;)

Weee, this is indeed good news! Waiting for them man, thank you! :)

You’re welcome buddy! Thank you for the high rate! :) appreciate it a lot!