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Roberto… When I get a “Wow” from you I feel like I’m on the right track. Thanks man ;-)

absolutly a time saver, Good luck !

Thanks all for the kind words. I appreciate it! :-)

Amazingggg!!!! :O

I didn’t realize that this was not in layers until it was too late. Is there anyway you can send me the badge that says “Authorized Quality Design” with the three stars in a layered format? I’m having a super hard time getting the paths right in CS6…

Are you opening these files in Illustrator or Photoshop? If you open them in Illustrator layers are really irrelevant, as each piece is a separate element.

I am using Photoshop:)

Try Illustrator. It’ll make it much easier for you. The badges are really meant for Illustrator anyway.

hmm i dont can edit the badges…..

They’re made for Adobe Illustrator. If you don’t have that software… You can download a trial at

These are amazing!

Hey Thanks… Don’t forget to rate ;-)

Will rate it now! Thanks again.

PLEASE.. send me links to all fonts

Check the readme file included in the download… You’ll find all the links there.

Nice work! GLWS

Do you supply a list of fonts used with these?

Yes, there is a readme file included with the download that lists the fonts and links.

I totally regret buying this it was an awful purchase nothing worked right, it took forever to load and slowed my computer down.

I figured it out works fine now

very nice

5 stars

Hi ! Already bought the great product. Could you please update the url fonts. Thanks !

Are there broken font links in the Readme? If so, which ones aren’t working for you?

ChunkFive – DeftoneStylus – Diner-Fatt – LeagueGothic – Diner-Obese – SteelfishRg-Regular – KontrapunktBold – Liberator – Pacifico -

I just checked the readme file and all of the links are working for me. Try a quick google search for these font names. They’re all pretty common fonts and should be easy to find. If that doesn’t work, send me an email and I will send them to you.


I have just purchased this and seem to have an issue with fonts. I have downloaded and install all in the word document, but when I load them into Ai the font on the logos are still as they should be. Could you please help with this ? Thank you

Hey Melissa… I just responded to your email msg. Thanks!

Thank you very much. Sorry about the double question I didn’t know I could email you directly until I already posted here lol. Thank you so much again amazing logo design bundle!!