8 Different Styles Actions

8 Different Styles Actions

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Tips & Help

If you need assistance with this actions or any others, sent me a message here.


Each action is thoroughly tested across between 50 – 150 different photos to ensure there are no errors. In the case where you do experience an error, contact me via email, profile or Facebook if you are still having troubles.

The Best Results

For the best results, it is recommended to use high resolution photos in the range of 1500px – 3500px. The optimal range is from 2300px – 4500px.


After each action has finished playing, it creates a well organised layer structure. Each layer and folder are named appropriately and color coded to create a neat working environment for you. Here is my YouTube channel.

Time Saving

dpgraphic Photoshop Actions are designed to save you hours, days, weeks or months of work. They are created in a way that both Photoshop beginners and experts can use, saving you lots of time working on both personal or commercial projects.

Earn Money

How? simply refer people through your social media pages to this action or another other dpgraphic action. Make sure to sign up as an affiliate so you can add your referral code to any link you post.

Share your creativity!

Created something awesome with dpgraphic Actions? Share your designs on the dpgraphic Facebook page and inspire others to apply the effects in ways they may not have thought of.

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