80 Swimming Icons

80 Swimming Icons

Fresh, Clean and Modern Set of 80 Swimming Icons.

Icons Included:

Allowed, Anchor, Ball, Bathroom, Beach, Bed, Bench, Boy, Buoy, Burger, Chair, Cheese, Cherry, Citrus, Clean, Clothing, Cocktail, Competition, Dive, Diving, Door, Douche, Drink, Fast, Fingers, Fins, Flip-flops, Flipper, Float, Food, Footwear, Fruit, Garnish, Gender, Glasses, Goggles, Hamburger, Hand, Home, House, Juice, Jump, Knicker, Left, Lemon, Life, Lonely, Male, Man, Marine, Maritime, Mask, Meal, Meat, Nautical, Not, Ok, Person, Playing, Pocket, Pool, Relax, Restaurant, Right, Room, Safety, Saver, Scuba, Sea, Shoes, Shorts, Shower, Sign, Slice, Slipper, Snorkel, Sour, Sport, Summer, Sun, Sunbathing, Swim, Swimmer, Tick, Training, Travel, Umbrella, Vacation, Water, Weather, Cherry Juice, Fast Food, Junk Food, Sun Tanning, Swimming Pool

Files Included?

  • 1 AI File
  • 1 CDR File
  • 1 EPS File
  • 1 JPG Preview
  • 1 PDF File
  • 1 PSD File
  • 1 SVG Complete Set File
  • 80 SVG Files (separated)
  • 80 PNG files 64×64 px (transparent, raster)
  • 80 PNG files 128×128 px (transparent, raster)
  • 80 PNG Files 256×256 px (transparent, raster)
  • 80 PNG Files 512×512 px (transparent, raster)
  • 80 PNG Files 1024×1024 px (transparent, raster)

Ready to go

A transparent PNG, sized at 64×64, 128×128, 256×256, 512×512, 1024×1024 pixels, is provided for every icon, so there’s no prep work required. Enjoy!

If you have any questions please let us know, we’d love to answer!

Hope you’ll love them.