85 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons

85 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons

Pack 2 “72 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons”

72 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons

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14 July 2014

  • The name of each group inside the PSD files has changed: the corresponding filename (e.g. “100.png”) is now visible (e.g. “100 dragon breath”)

7 August 2013

  • Some red icons have been smoothed
  • The content of the custom shape has been improved significantly
  • A second pack of icons has been released

What's this? This item is a set of 85 icons representing magical and physical spells and skills cast or used by a character in a Fantasy universe. There are between 12 and 16 icons per “theme”, among: fire, blood, light, darkness, nature, melee attacks, water, healing…

What's included? This item is separated in 2 folders:

  • resources: this folder contains 6 layered PSD files (1 file per main color) and a Custom Shape file containing 68 shapes used to make the icons of the first and the second pack. The source files dimensions are 100×100 pixels.
  • icons: this folder contains 3 sub-folders, which are named 100×100, 75×75 and 50×50. As you would have guessed, each folder contains the 85 icons of the pack with the adequate size.

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  • You can use the comment section of GraphicRiver to leave a message. You can say whatever you want, as long as it concerns this item: your opinion, your feedback on the purchase, a question concerning a specific icon of the pack…
  • You can also send me a message thanks to the contact form on my envato profile: Access to Haress profile. The form takes place in the bottom right of the page.


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