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Excellent, I love it ;-)


Cool.. Nice job! :D

Awesome work…specially that stealing template lol :)

hahaha, yea, thanks ;))

No comments! Awesomeness pure! :)

Thanks guys:)

nice one i like your all desings

thank you a lot:)

I’m satisfied with the purchase but your description showed the poster from several angles and curled, which I thought was also in the package, rather than the one flat version. But it’s something I’ve been looking for and looks great.

I am sorry for that, usually previews are just mock ups of an item but I see how they can be misleading sometimes. I am glad you still found the item useful:)

ack!! saw this… purchased it (against my better judgement).... downloaded it…. NOPE can not get it to work with Adobe… oh humm cool poster if I could be able to add picture or change the fonts. Oh, well back to square one…. after a loss of $ 6.00 I might add. :s

I am sorry it did not work out for you, but I can guarantee that it is made for Adobe, actually it would never get approved by Envato team if the file was damaged or non working. This is a great item, purchased 185 times and I never received a bad review on it. I suggest you try it again. All best.

Hi, can you tell me how to resize the photo to fit, I can’t find anyway to do it. I can change the text but the photos are to large. Hopefully you can help me soon as I need them for a party next week and they are perfect in all other aspects, you are definitely gifted in the design field.

Don’t worry, found how to do it. Most excellent poster, thanks. And for those others who struggle, use the free transform button on the image layer.

sorry for late reply, I was unavailable. Yea, transform is the way to go. Now you can transform the image while importing, but I prefer resizing later, after updating the main file:)

I downloaded the poster, but was then prompted to enter my Photo Shop Elements licensing number. I don’t have Photoshop. ????

I am sorry, all the templates here on GraphicRiver are made for Photoshop and you need it in order to use the template. You can download a trial version here: https://creative.adobe.com/apps?trial=PHSP&promoid=JZXPS

Awesome one !! I like it :D Again !! Good Luck With Sales

Are the words able to be changed on this template?

Yes, just follow the instructions provided. Text is fully editable in photoshop:) There is a yellow marked layer folder called TEXT where all the copy is located. hope this helps

Thank you. Forgive my ignorance…I’m new to Photoshop and learning. I’m typing in the new text under the “text” folder, but it’s not changing on the image. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? Apologies.

are you editing the old text while typing the new one? did you select text you want edited and then re-typing on it? I don’t have the file on me here, so I am not sure about the file structure – in case that all text is in a smart object (one layer with a small arrow in the corner), then right click on it and choose “edit contents”. If every text line is in a separate layer, then you just have to edit lines one by one (pick text tool, click on the line you want to edit, then delete and type)