8x Tapestry on Scenes Mock-ups 1/2

8x Tapestry on Scenes Mock-ups 1/2

When does mock-up become useful?

  • When it becomes a tool. Not a canvas. We believe that well-designed mock up with multiple useful functions helps you do your work faster and easier. Prepare photos of your products with White Mocca in minutes. It’s simple as that.
  • What’s included in the package (1st part)?

    • 1. 3.psd files
    • 2. User Manual


    • You can choose color and edit design on editable elements (smart objects, color pickers)
    • You can choose between tapestry hanging vertical and horizontal
    • You can choose size and edit design of all tapestries
    • You can choose between 4 popular sizes of tapestry (104×88 inches, 80×68 inches, 60×51 inches, 36×23 inches)
    • You can change color/design of armchair, sofa and pillows
    • You can change color of walls
    • You can arrange all elements between scenes, move, rotate and copy
    • Invaluable for to design or to showcase your project to the Client
    • Realistic effect thanks to unique technology of blending and great shadows effects
    • Sqaure proportion of files- friendly for rwd websites/ e-shops
    • Well organized layers

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