A Unique Layer Styles 5-Pack

A Unique Layer Styles 5-Pack

Here is a pack of 5 original layer styles. Easily add some style to your project! Do it!

The preview above shows all 5 on text, and then on buttons ideas with some color variation. I’ve included this psd in the download.

Usage examples

  • Text
  • Vector shapes, or raster shapes w/ transparency
  • Applying to a blank layer, then drawing (try it!)


  • These are set up to change with the color of your object; i.e. you don’t have to go into the layer style to change it.
  • When applying to a larger or smaller object, make sure you scale the layer style (under Layer > Layer Style > Scale Effects…)
  • ^ This method can also create a new effect on its own.

Font credits, top to bottom

  • Creampuff
  • CrimeScene Afterimage
  • Helvetic LT Std
  • Century Old Style Bold
  • Trajan Pro Bold

I’d appreciate any feedback and ratings. Any questions or requests, please ask! keywords: professional, metallic, gel, metal, smooth, gem, button, bubble, Roman, steel, black, glass, gold

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