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GREAT !!! Great! Is there any chance to become (buy) also that Mockup? Johannes

Very nice, the layout looks great also!

@johannes1000 thank you for the compliments, i’m planning to upload the mockup soon :) i will let you know

@YgorDon thank you, i really appreciate :D

That would be verry nice!!! Thanks!!!

well, it’s me that i have to thank you for purchasing :) and i hope the item will be perfect for your needs ;)

Very nice one!

thank you steve :D


24 October 2011 UPDATE : Small improvement of the layout :)

Congrat for the item. I will use for an Art Magazine. Rate with 5 stars!

thank you very much for the compliments! i hope it will fit perfectly for your needs :)

Hey Andre I chose this one for the catalog. Nicely done. Rated it 5 startz.

Ciao Amigo


Thank you very much! Hope it will fit perfectly for your needs ;)

I’ve purchased this item because it’s a great work, and I guess there’s no doubt about it.

But also I think andre28 deserves the highest sales on Envato marketplace, because this has been the first time in two years that I had such a quick, nice and kind feedback – although I was not yet a purchaser!

Andre28 sent me a quick PSD to test if this was the item I needed for my project: very kind of him to trust someone like that. No one did something like this to me, not in this 2yrs of purchases.

Therefore, this is my way to say THANK YOU for your job, keep it up bro.

All the best, Marco

PS: I’ll rate your item at my project delivery, but I’m sure this is gonna be a 5 stars one: BRAVO

thank you very much for such a good review! :) hope your project will be awesome! thanks again!

19 December 2011 UPDATE : Added a .PSD file with smart-objects layers for a quick and easy photo-replacement

Is it possible to use in portrait instead of landscape format? thanks!

Hi slouissi, the template is prepared to be used in landscape format; if you want it in portrait, you need to modify it manually and it will require a bit of work from you. If you need more informations or help, please contact me through my profile page, thank you :)

Thank You SO MUCH Andrea! This is the best catalog template I’ve ever used. A real lifesaver!

thank you :)

Is it possible to use this template for an A3 landscape format?

Hi! It is possible but you will need to adjust the dimension. let me know if you need any help by contacting me through my profile page. :)

Thanks so much for this! Maybe I’m just dumb here, but I have no clue how to use this after I’ve purchased it? I’ve used many MockUps in the past by just replacing the Smart Object, but all I find in PSD is that each little box or photo location is what I can replace. I have full page images to replace in your Mockup. In addition to my stupidity on this… I have no clue how to export it to look like the final options of the Mockup as you show in your screenshots when I purchased it. Sorry for being so noob on this… Any help is awesome. Thanks!

Hi! Please contact me through my profile page :)

You actually bought a layout for a Printable Catalogue / Portfolio as the description says, not a mockup.

The image preview is made using my Landscape Brochure Mockups that you can find here:

Please contact me through my profile page so that i can help you.

Thank you :)


How can I export each group in PDF using photoshop? Thank and congratulations, good work!

Thak you.

You can use File->Scripts->Export layers to files to create a single PDF file. Choose PDF under File type in the Export Layers to Files dialog box.

Hi Andre , I am looking for a catalogue template to show case a lot of paintings and I need US letter size with Photoshop PS file . It will be 22 pages. Please suggest me which one of yours best for it . Many thanks

i would suggest you the photography portfolio, both they come in A4/US Letter size

hi Andre , I finally bought this template and I am very pleased with it. Would you please tell me how to insert the page number ? I didn’t see in your template