A4 Portrait Mockup PSD (ISO Paper-Sized, Press Quality)

A4 Portrait Mockup PSD (ISO Paper-Sized, Press Quality)

  • Mockup PSD 6000×4000 pixels
  • ISO Papersized Portrait A6 A5 A4 A3 A2 A1
  • Extra paper textures and background options
  • 20×13.3 inch (300DPI) so usable for print

Easy to use PSD Template (6000×4000px). Due to the size exports are easily usable for press or print and of course for presentations and web. Do keep in mind that the image or PDF you use for mockup-up should be in good quality to.

Key thing to remember: Do not edit the red layers!

All the previews are made with this file.<h/2>

How does is work?

  1. Have an image ready from the A4 portrait design you want to mockup.
  2. Open the PSD and double click layer: A
  3. Place your design in the new window
  4. Save and close… and pretty much done.

There are a few extra things you can consider using:

Add Noise The second layer of the PSD adds a little noise when enabled.

Textured Backgrounds Open the smart-object in layer 5 to add a textured background.

Solid backgrounds When you do not wish a textured background but a nice solid, disable layer 5 and enable layer 6, and fiddle with the colours there. There are some presets but you can easily add your own. Just drag a shape in that layer or add a new normal layer. Multiple ways of doing this.

Shining ‘haze’ There is a shining haze over the flyer… to enable or disable the open layer A and use the purple (first) layer.

Paper textures There are a few paper textures you can choose from or use your own.