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that looks really sick, and if I say sick I mean it in a very positive way

Haha thanks! :)

excellent, love it

Great work, I love the style of this.

Stunningly beautiful!

Really nice Harvey… keeping this in my box of stuff I like to maybe use one day… excellent work!...

Thankyou! :) And thx for adding to your collection ;)

By far one of my favorite files here on the marketplace… I purchased it and gave it 5 stars (how someone gave it less than five stars is beyond me)

This is the kind of stuff that shouldn’t be getting lost here in the marketplace… working on an outside promoting adventure… and I think this is going to be one of the first hidden gems I talk about… :)

Again really nice work…



Can’t… Stop… Staring…


Haha :D Thanks ;)


Is it OK with the license if I remove the noise layer and resize it, just to fit my desktop? :)

Yes that should be fine especially if you just plan to use it as your desktop background :) And you are of course free to adjust and edit files, Just as long as you don’t go reselling it of course! ;)

For a detailed guide on licenses check out these two guides – &

Thanks for purchasing and rating! :)

I wanna Kiss you !! This Item is wonderful !

Hehe :P Thanks :)

Excellent colors. Good stuff

thanks Harvey…

Thanks Harvey! Awesome Work!!!

- a great layered Background!!! Your a 5-STAR Hero!

Looks very nice, really like the colors :)