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Hi, Eugene! I love all the actions I’ve purchased from you. I’m having a little trouble with this action when I try it with skull shaped images. Even though my file is large and I leave extra room around the image, my drips are very small in comparison to the image itself. How do I get longer, wider drips? Everything else is working perfectly. Thanks in advance for your help!


Please try to decrease the resolution of your original photo. After that please play action again. It will make the drips bigger.


Thank you so much, Eugene! You’re always so helpful!

Hi Eugene! Any idea which actions I need to turn off to have a transparent back ground around the image, as I wanted to use in fabric printing art. Thanks

Hello! After than the action finished work, please hide “Texture group” folder and “Background” folder.

After that you can save your result like a PNG image with transparent background.


Hello. I like the concept. However, the drip effect does not look natural. It’s so straight. Is there any way to make it a little wavy in some places or adjust opacity?

Hello! Yes, sure you can adjust the opacity of drips elements. For that you can go to “Paint lines down” folder and change the opacity of each layer with drips.

Also you can add the “wave” filter to deform your drips. You can add the “wave” filter to each layer or you can merge all layers and add the “wave” filter all “Paint lines down” folder.


Hi! The action is very impressive. I like it :) I run Photoshop version CS6 Extended and sadly there is the warning “no pixels were selected” after cutout filter. I used a picture with 5000 pxl. I tried it also with different high solution pictures but the warning is still coming. Can you help me please? Regards, Julia

Hello! Can you send me your PSD file with background and area layer for testing on my computer? I think we will quickly find the reason of this error. My e-mail adress:


Hi Eugene,

first your work is awesome. Thank you for the actions. Bought 2 of them :) . But i have similiar problem like amadahy has. I get the same error. Using CC2017 in english and followed your instruction.

Hello! Please make sure that you using a version from “CC 2015.5+ version” folder. This version works fine in CC 2017.

If your problem will not resolve, please send me a FULLSCREEN screenshot with your first error. And please note that I need to see full workspace of your Photoshop.


Thx Eugene that helps. But can u tell me how can i get larger/wider drips like your photos?

Hello! To take a larger/wider drips you need to decrease the resolution of your photo. Unfortunataly it’s only single way to change a size of drips.


Hi I have downloaded the 2015.5 + version, watched the video and followed all the instructions. However no matter what image I use I run into a problem part way through – following the command ‘Hide Background’ I get the message ‘The object background is not currently available’. Can you advise? Lynne

Hello! Can you send me a fullscreen screenshot with your first error?

Please note that I need to see a full workspace of your Photoshop.

My email:


Dear buyers!

This action was tested and works fine in latest Photoshop CC 2018.

If you use the latest Photoshop CC 2018, please use the action file from the “CC 2015.5+ version” folder. If a “CC 2015.5+ version” folder contains few versions of the action, please use a version for CC 2017.

If you don’t have a “CC 2015.5+ version” folder into an archive with the action, it’s means that the basic action file works good in all versions of Photoshop.

Many thanks and good luck! :)

Hello, It states that the “select” command is currently not available what does that mean, and how do i fix it?

Here is the most popular reasons of “select” error:

1. Please check the name of created layer. The right name “area”.

2. Make sure that your background layer has a “Background” view.

3. Make sure that you use version of action for your version of Photoshop.

If my recommendations will not help you, please send me a fullscreen screenshot with your first error. Please note that I need to see a full workspace of your Photoshop in the moment when the error shows.

My email adress:


Hi, i have an error saying the command cutout is not available. I have noticed you have asked people to send you a screenshot with the whole workspace. so i have emailed you directly


Thanks for your screenshot. You have to set your image to 8 bits mode. Please follow this step:

Best regards, Eugene.