Advance Iconic Posterization Action

Advance Iconic Posterization Action

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  • Package name: Advance Iconic Posterization Action
  • Software version: Photoshop CS5
  • Copyright: Nov. 14, 2012
  • Author: Charles Brown
  • Complexity: Well-labeled ‘ACTION’ operation and easy to modify to suit your need. This action will duplicate the main document before rendering the image effect thereby leaving your main document (design) intact in case you want to modify it and render it again.
** Action works for any image size.

“You can customize the colors and Posterization level of the PSD file I included in this package and use it as your logo, icon, avatar, etc. In addition, you can turn your own image into iconic HOPE poster and use it as your logo, icon, avatar, etc.”


  • - Turn yourself into a full-blown posterized icon ‘HOPE’
  • - Action renders effect accordingly and properly grouped and labeled for easy customization.
  • - Interactive interface – Easy to use
  • - Well-detailed plug-in
  • - Time saver
  • - Incredible result
  • - Easy color customization
  • - Digital Lab Tested
Professionally turn yourself into an icon with this powerful Photoshop action. This package renders advance 
iconic ‘HOPE’ Posterization with 100% editable layers, filters and easy color change in just one click.  
Different images have different edge sharpness and details. This action will enable you to turn your 
image into full-blown iconic poster and plugin is well detailed.

This is a one click posterization render. You need basic knowledge of pen or lasso tool for refining the vector shapes to achieve a perfect result like my preview! Everything is 100% customizable.

Please note:

You will need to manually refine the rendered effects in order to achieve a perfect result like the one in my preview. Every single effect is customizable and you will lose no single detail in this package. It took time to get this package done – therefore, everything is well documented and easy to use. All refinements are done through the smart object and layer mask.

We are determined to give you nothing but the best! Go for the best!

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  • - Charles Brown’s unique NON-DESTRUCTIVE rendering process from beginning to finish.
  • - Tactical layer names manoeuvre making the action compatible with all Languages including English, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, and many more.
  • - Charles Brown’s unique system of adding SUB-ACTIONS that come in handy when adjusting the values and features of this action—that means you won’t have to worry about how to modify the end result to suit your need, thereby saving you tons of time to finalize your project.
  • - Digital lab tested to ensure that action delivers quality end result.
  • - High standard and advance auto-photo-manipulation ensuring that it is fully editable.
  • - Properly named, grouped and arranged to ensure easy adjustment even from the Adobe’s filter source point.
  • - This effect was properly studied and created with you in mind.


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Need Customization?

Image effect that worked perfectly with ‘Photo-A’ may not be suitable for ‘Photo-B’ as a result of image quality difference of both photos and how Photoshop process those details. We can customize mrcharlesbrown’s image effect to perfectly blend with your image both for visual and print purpose.

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