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very very cool! Very useful as well. good luck mrcharlesbrown :)

Thanks for your kind words mate!

Idk how you managed to make this beast, but it is amazing, great work!!!

Thanks alot Mike! Spend alot of time to make this item and to get it properly done to my taste.

Great action!I very like this!Big sales for you! ;)

Thank you mate for your kind words!

It’s like “Vote For HIM ” :D Great work :)

Thank you mate!

That’s very impressive! Can’t believe how good the results actually are, top notch stuff Charles!

Thanks you and such beautiful comment keeps me going.

does this work on cs4? i see the plugins are for cs5/cs6

Yes it work for CS4. I usually add CS5 in all my add-on(s) for best result.

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Nice piece of action but i got these errors when running the action is running:

The command “set” is not currently available.

The same applies for these commands: “make”, “contract”


Thank you

Thank you for reaching out to me.

Please can you take snapshot of the exact point where you get the error? When taking the snapshot please show the command line and rendered layers – that will enable me to determine why it stopped in your CS. I will help you once I see the snapshots.

Please message me using the MESSAGE BOX in my profile. I will reply you ASAP. Use the email ID to forward the snapshots to me.

Thanks you once again!

Thank you Charles for helping me out. Top quality action with top quality support for $4. It just a steal! Regards.

Thank you Luis for your kind words.

Can you tell me how to install the extension. I tried doing all of the actions in the txt file, but when ever I go to window>extensions, I don’t see the iconic posterization action. I copied the CS5 folder from tools into the folder adobe cs5> plug-ins>panels.

Please message me through my profile MESSAGE BOX. I will make a video to show you how to install it. Although a help file is inside the main file.



not working witht MAC, help !!!!!!!!!!!


Hello, it work with MAC. Please watch video to see how to load Photoshop extension.


Best regards.

Dear Support,

I’m on a PC with CS5 and followed the directions as outlined in your help file.

1. close photoshop 2. install the ‘panel’ (copied folder ‘cs5’ to the photoshop folder ‘plugin/panel’) 3. installed action (double clicked the .atn, which opened photoshop)

I did see the iconic poster option in the ‘extensions’ section under ‘window’ but when opened it was blank – no content to buttons. Did I miss something?

Pls can u message me thru the MESSAGE BOX in my profile. I will send a guide video to you.


Best regards.

This is a great action, be patient, read the PDF instructions, install all the plugins and have fun with it. It takes some practice with the thresholds, but it runs perfectly. I’m obamaizing everything :). Worth much more than 4.00, obviously a lot of work went into it.

Thank you very much Linda!

That is so awesome :D

Thank you bro :).

Not working with Mac CC 2014!?

Works properly with Photoshop CC on Mac as well as PC.

You can simply use the action file.

Best regards.

Hi there,

I got script alert “The command is currently not available” while trying to render the image. Can you please advice what to do?


Please use only the ATN (action) file if you are having trouble with the script. The script follows the command lines incorporated inside the ATN file.

Best regards.

do you have a video tutorial for this. I would like to see it in actions.



Help file is included.

Best regards.


I bought this yesterday. It stops during the process saying “Command “Set” (my translation) is not right now”. Then “Command “Create” is not available right now”, then “Command “Pull together” is not available right now” (my translations of what it says).

The result is not near as clean as the result in your preview, so I think maybe this has something to do with it.

Do you have any idea what to do?

Thank you!

Hola, sería genial que pusieras más ejemplos del resultado para decidirme a comprar!! Saludos


Thank you very much for the purchase. This item doesn’t required Extended Version. Only newly published items contain the feature.

Best regards.