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A ) which Roboto font(s) did you use exactly? In the folder, there are 16 variations and I would like to only install the ones used.

B ) In Quickguide Advert.pdf the folder reads as C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Document Themes 15\Theme but it should actually be C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Document Themes 15\Theme Colors

C ) Everything should follow the same aesthetic for capitalization or non-capitalization. For example, 02 Support File\XML\Advert – blue.xml should be “Advert – Blue.xml” like everything else in the folder or THMX files should also match this pattern throughout the whole folder.



A ) Just Roboto (light, regular and bold), all 16 variants use roboto font.

B ) Oh, thank you for corecting me :)

C ) Thank you for your advice :)

Thanks! Looking forward to an update. I went through almost ALL the powerpoint templates on graphicriver and I have to say that this is my favorite one :)!

Hi! i can’t reply your question through mail ??? i will answer it here.

1. there is no easiest way, you need to replace the icon manually.

2. You can double click the THMX files, you will start will blank pages,

to add and choose layout : select the main slide > right click > layout > choose.


How do I get the ppt to load the way it looks on the demo when I first open it?

The animation or layout preview ?? - the animation of powerpoint version may be diferent from keynote version (video demo is keynote version).

- to make it layout just like in image preview, follow quickguide.pdf.

Hi how do I remove the text at the bottom – advert keynote presentation – 2015

Hello, go to : view > slidemaster > select the master slide with text at the bottom > delete the text.

Very much appreciated… Cheers!!! :)

Hello, is it true that the pictures of the demo are not included in the download?

Wow, looks really good! Wish you lot’s of sales :) :D 8)

Thank you my friends

I do not get this at all. Where are the photos? At least it can come like the demo.

I downloaded this and only see Keynote. I would like PPTX. What was received was only a light and dark theme – where are all the other color options?

Thanks, SlideWerk. Nice work! good luck with sales. Wishing you a happy successful 2019. Cheers

Awesome Work!

I wanted to try this product free but no option for free download but other products in the same category have the option to download free

Same here. It says it’s a free download for December, but I only see options for $17 or $170.