Advertising Slogan Kit - Female Tanktop

Advertising Slogan Kit - Female Tanktop

Make eye-catching marketing ads for your online or retail store!

The AdGirl Advertising Slogan Kit – Female Tanktop is a construction kit of premade and customizable advertising/marketing slogans printed over a female wearing a tanktop t-shirt. Merely pick a pre-made phrase, choose one of 10 optional backgrounds, and your ad is done!

There are 30 premade t-shirts with various slogans. You activate the one you want to use by showing its layer in Photoshop. It’s that easy.

As a bonus, you can also write your own advertising and marketing slogan, with or without a displacement map that conforms the text to the general contours of the shirt. You can change the color of both the shirt and your custom text.

What It’s For

  • Create your own colorful slogans and advertising messages on top of a tanktop t-shirt
  • Make instant ads, promotional graphics, and marketing materials
  • Ideal for Websites and retail stores
  • Use for banners, ads, printed brochures and marketing pieces, business cards, carousel animations, HTML5, Flash, and more
  • High resolution 4000×3500 pixels, for both Web and printed graphics

Main Features

  • Fully layered, with all layers logically laid out and named
  • Easy to use
  • 4000px by 3500px resolution
  • Premade slogans, or write your own
  • Unlimited shirt colors
  • Transparency behind model allows for any background
  • Selectable backgrounds, including 10 background patterns
  • Integrated help text
  • Can also be used as a tanktop t-shirt mockup!