Discussion on African Party

Discussion on African Party

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I love the flyer, how do i customise the flyer for my event? once i have paid for it?

hi :) thank u for your compliment, well, if u have photoshop, u just need to edit text layers with your personal information indeed (all texts layers are text ones and no render …), if u ever need the model, pls provide me with your email and i will give u the link u need if u purchase and have any problem editing something i will try to help anyway … what is the concern for u?

thank you , happy that u like my item :) GL

Clean, crisp and beautiful ! GL :)

thank u very much buddy :) GL

thank you buddy :) GL

cool and Nice Design…!

i am happy that u really like :) GL

cool job! good luck =)

thank you Vitalyi, this is cool to know that u like my item :) GL

This is a very elegant work friend. You always doing great balance and never nothing is superfluous. As always perfect and I think it will be many sales! GL ;)

thank you for pointing at the work that i usual try to do , this is a rewarding message that legitimates all the efforts that i am doing to bring as good a quality as i can in each every one of my items indeed GL Lyubo :)

Nice work ^^ Good luck Nico

khop khun maak khrap :) chok dee khrap :)

Well done my friend, wish you alot of sales! Quality job!

thank you my friend, happy to get thus message from u , i hope i can generate as good creations about design as u do about music :) GL

This is one cool flyer Nico! Colors are perfect. Keep it up ;)

thank you so much DC , from a great designer like u, this is a much welcome and pleasing compliment indeed :) GL

Wild and awesome Nico… You always bring new concepts and we can appreciate the work behind these concepts… GLWS budd :)

thank you this is really a beautiful compliment and a great message that u had fro me my friend , this very enjoyable that this is always what i try to do , so i am even more happy if someone mentions about it :) GL Dany

Nice flyer Nico :) GLWS

thank you Alex, happy that u like my item :) GL

Great work Nico! Congratulations on this awesome design! :D

thank you so much for this great feedback amigo, sorry for teh late reply , GL Memo :)

You always do something different !!....loved that.. truly Inspired …GLW many sales Cage :)

thank you Abe for the praise this is much appreciated , however try as i might to do just what u mentioned it doesn’t change anything , i do not sell anything and i will have to try to consider finding another place to sell my stuffs rather than here … sad thing to think about , but what else can i do? GL Abe anyway and thanks again :)

excellent,superb design Nico… good luck… :)

thank you, this is a great reward to get this kind of comment after working this hard to create as good things as possible just like i do :) GL

Awesome! Sexy and provocative! Keep it up Nico! Good sales Friend

lol i think that this is not this provocative Jordi and by the way i could not have made it here if i had done something provocative , i just usually do sexy kind of things and they always have something to say and treat me as if i am offering porn , so provocative for me is not an option for here lol in any case i have felt very flattered with your comment and that was a pleasure to read your compliment amigo :) buena suerte con las ventas :)

In no time I thought about pornography, I must say friend. Your elegance is well above all that … Good sales Nico!

well this is a fact Jordi i cannot use any bra, panty, thang or swimsuit as all the other guys do, if i do, in most cases, they soft reject me and i have to change models and re-submit and everything , this is completely ridiculous but i think this is much personal issues than any other things … once i even had to change a model on three different occasions and had been rejected with a model that lots of guys used, the second time with a model when i had been using it myself and my work had been accepted a couple of weeks before but that time i was asked to change it , until i ultimately ended up using a girl with an evening gown for a summer party … which means a lot …

Briliant design my Friend !!!!! GLWSSSSSSSS Nicooo :)

thank you K, i do my best for this and i am happy that u mention about it :) GL my friend

nice work buddy!

thank you , cool to have a message from you :) GL

wow very unique design bro :) cool!

thank you for the great feedback buddy, happy about it :) GL

Fantastic design Bro. ;) wish you a great sales In Shaa Allah

thank you Omar i tried to make my style evolve a bit but tried to keep my style in a way all the same and i am very satisfied with the feedback that i get this far thank you also for your message it made me feel happy to read a good common like this and the bottom line is that at this time i really need it :) GL


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