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wow amazing sexy pose of aleysha… I already loved her on 3DO

her hips are too large :D

@Artorius: He did say that he over-exaggerated the proportions slightly. ;)

@omnione: Great work, good luck with sales.

Thanks guys! Appreciate it :).

@shaktal: thanks for pointing it out :) and I am not expecting much when it comes to sales. I can’t even think of a use for this image myself! But hope dies last as they say.

If I open the PSD in Photoshop and I take off her bikini, will I see some tits? :)

hahaha no, the bikini is not on an extra layer, you would have to paint them yourself :)

lol you guys are funny re bikini… well hey I’d date her :) gotta love those poser/other models

Oh please no! She is not a poser model. I built her myself from scratch :) http://3docean.net/item/aleysha-v01/74973

is there anyway i can hire you to make some more female renders? i tried emailing you weeks ago.

Hi! Sorry about that! It must have gone under somewhere in my inbox or might have landed in my junk folder :(. I would like to do more female renders myself as they are a lot of fun :) but since it’s really time consuming work I just can’t fit it in at the moment.