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Just started using ableton, I really dig this card :) well done :)

Thank you Sherman! :)

Ok how do I edit the card? Do I need photoshop or is there another method

Yes, to edit card you need Adobe Photoshop CS3 version or later

Ok so you just provide the template. There isn’t a service which I could pay, give my information I want printed and then order the cards to be delivered in a specified quantity is there?

Yes, on this site you can buy only design templates. For print check out this services , ,

Great business card design for Ableton users!

How do I add my photo to the overlay? I have it imported into photoshop but can’t remember how to add my photo inside the overlay.

Is it possible to have the clipping mask in color instead of grey scale?

Yes, just hide (or delete) layer above called ‘Hue/Saturation’

never mind again, :) Figured that out too. I’m a protools user but this template will work fine! Thanks again!