Discussion on All Charles Brown's Pro Actions Bundle

Discussion on All Charles Brown's Pro Actions Bundle

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Do I need to have my image at a certain pixels to make it work right…right everything is very dark

Greetings Janet,

All included actions work with any kind of image but the principle guiding Photoshop is that—the better quality your image is, the better the end product will be.

If you need any assistance regarding the quality of your images, please do let me know and give me the link to it. I will do my best to assist you.

Best regards.

Does this work with CC 2015? and do I need anything else with it for plugins to work. I bought a plugin from someone else and it turned out I needed another plugin for that plugin to work, so now I get nervous.


Thanks for your unterest. No plugin is required. Action works on its own.

Best regards.

Ok thank you. I will buy it right now. Thanks for your response.

Thank you very much and best regards.

There is a link on your Advanced Flame Hand Drawing action to this bundle so I purchased the bundle instead only to realize that the advanced flame hand drawing action is not included!

Hi, Charles Brown, I have purchased the All Charles Brown’s Best Pro Actions Bundle. I think I have the same problem that the “sigenippe” and/or the “midsummermagic”. I have the Photoshop CC version 14.2.1×64 (in Portuguese – Brazilian). And When I aplly your actions (I did exactly the same you do in your video – HDR Legendary – HDR Tone Arc + 1) the photoshop stops and say that a certain layer or feature is not available. For exemple: “The layer ‘Top Image Copy’ is not available”. I would like to have your help, please. Thanks José Lucio Munhoz – From Brazil

Greetings Lucio,

“Sigenippe” and “Midsummermagic” are both enjoying this bundle and all actions work perfectly.

Please check your email for further instruction.

Best regards.

Hi, Charles Brown. Thanks a lot !!! You are very kind and competent !! Everything works well, now !!! Congratulation for your job !!! Regards. Lucio

You are welcome Lucio. Looking forward to hearing from you again :).

Best regards.

Good day mrcharlesbrown, sorry for this stupid question: before purchasing All Charles Brown’s Best Pro Actions Bundle I’d like to know whether it works with PhotoShop CC or it just stops on CS5.

Greetings Pierozilio,

Yes it works with Photoshop CC, CS4, CS5 and CS6.

If u need any assistance, please do let me know.

Best regards.

Thanks, I’ve just purchased it :) I see there’s a video on how to install and use the bundle: I’ll follow instructions and get back to you in case I still miss something.



Greetings Piero,

Sure anytime. If you don’t know how to load, locate panel and run Photoshop action, please let me know by sending me an email using the contact box in my profile. I will immediately send you a pdf instruction file.

Also don’t forget to change your image to 8-bit before you play action.

Best regards.

Hi Charles…just purchased..cant wait to use…but Im a novice, need some help with this…do you have a tutorial video that covers how to load into photoshop and the basics of using these plug ins. I read the text, but still struggling…Help?

Greetings EDunne,

Please do watch this video to see how to load photoshop add-ons and also how to run action:

If you need any further assistance, please message me using the contact box in my profile. I will do my best to help you.

Best regards.

Love it very well..

this works on elements too?

I haven’t tried it on Elements.

hmm not sure if it’s worth the risk…looks great though. thank you

Thank you :).

Hi! I’ve just downloaded this package but the actions don’t work! I’m running Photoshop CC. When I am running ALL of them they stop and say that a certain layer or feature is not available. Some example “color Fill 1 copy” is not available or “Hue/saturation” or. “Brightness/Contrast”. I installed each item in the corresponding preset folder and then I launched all the atn files… please help!

Greetings, actions work perfectly and have no problem running.

No one has complained about any part of this bundle. If there is something you don’t understand or might be doing wrong, kindly take screenshots and send it to me. Message me using the MESSAGE BOX in my profile, I will further assist you from there.

Best regards.

Hi there – just purchased the Pro Actions bundle. Sorry – i’m a bit new to Photoshop (using CS6) – so I’m not quite sure how to even get started using this bundle. Thanks for the help!

Thank you Monica for the purchase. This is a bundle that comprises of 17 existing marketplace packages and all the effects inside this bundle are 399. Each folder contains individual package. When you open any of the folders, you will find Photoshop presets or what we call add-on(s). There is an instruction manual included that explains how to load each add-on.

Would you like me to send you the preview of the 17 packages so that you will see what each effect does? Also do you want me to create a quick video that will help you to understand how to use this bundle?

Feel free to message me using the MESSAGE BOX in my profile. I will later compile the preview files for you and create a video and send them to you.

Best regards.

I have created the video for you And also uploaded the 17 preview images for you on Dropbox

Hope these files are very helpful.

Best regards.

..nevermind. I think I figured it out. The images have to be flattened?...

You don’t need to flatten layer because action will automatically duplicate the layer that is activated which is the layer that will be processed. Please make sure you load all presets in that package before running action.

You can message me through my profile. I will reply you back. Please use the email to send me the screenshots of the rendered layers and action command lines of where it stopped.

Thanks and willing to help you get the best out of it.

Awesome! I do have one issue. When I am running some of them they stop and say that a certain layer or feature is not available.. I am using CS5.. Did I not install them correctly? Most of them work.. An example is the Historic Soft Grunge says I don’t have “color Fill 1 copy” available..? Any ideas? I installed each item in the corresponding preset folder.

Using CS6 on Windows 7. Have not been able to get any of the actions under Beauty Lab Expert to work.

Surprised to hear that. It works well in my CS6. Please take snapshots of the rendered layers and command lines – closer view shot would be alright. I will help you further from there.

Please message me through my profile. I will reply you ASAP. Use the email ID to forward the snapshots to me.

Thank you!

When I have the image open and run the action, nothing happens. Not sure how to take a screenshot of that.

Oh, simply click on the main layer before you play action.

I just bought this and now I discover that it doesn’t work properly with a Dutch version of Photoshop CS5. What can I do to fix this? Maya

Do not worry. I will do it for you. Please message me using the MESSAGE BOX in my profile. I will send you the simple instruction and a short key file.


Thank you very much for your wonderful support! Everything works now!


Dear Maya,

Thank you and I am happy everything is alright.

Best regards.

Everything works great thank you so much.

Hi dear, thank you very much for your kind words!

I am using the latest version of photoshop CS6 and I cannot get the brushes to install… I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but following the help file included with the package isn’t working. HELP!

My email is:

I purchased the Pro Pack Bundle. Thanks!

Hi dear, please can you tell me the package in this pro bundle that has a brush set you were unable to install?

Please do you have any previous Photoshop CS version you installed along with your CS6? Thanks!

Did anyone try these in CS6 ?

Hi dear, they were created using CS5 . They should work for CS6 . However, I haven’t tested them yet. Thanks!

How do you use the HDR scripts for the actions like Apocalypse? I am unsure of how to install those. Other than that…I love the set!

Thanks for the purchase! I included a help file (pdf) in the HDR Apocalypse folder. Please double-click the pdf file and read the installation guide.

Beautiful package. I played around with it last night and was very impressed with the actions I did use. No flaws, just perfection all the way around.

At $35 I really don’t believe this to be a bargain, I would call it an outright steal. Like taking candy from a baby.

Hahaha thanks alot for your kind words. Enjoy!


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