All Charles Brown's Masterpiece HDR Action Bundle

All Charles Brown's Masterpiece HDR Action Bundle

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All Charles Brown's Masterpiece HDR Action Bundle - Photo Effects Actions

A must have HUGE BUNDLE for all serious-minded designers! Wow discounted down to $20 (Best Buy).

Combined packages:

  1. HDR Legendary Image Action
  2. HDR Apocalypse Image Effects
  3. High Magnitude HDR Image Action
  4. Handy HD Picture Enhancer
  5. HDR Infinity Action | Charles Brown’s Look
  6. Bonds Classic Poster HD
  7. Breathtaking Action – HDR SingleXD Engine
  8. Dragan Advance Antique HD Action
  9. Jones Comics Poster HD
  10. Legendary HQ Gritty Image Action


  • Package name: All Charles Brown’s Masterpiece HDR Action Bundle
  • Software version: Photoshop CS5
  • Copyright: March 6, 2015
  • Author: Charles Brown
  • Items: – ATN and PAT files
  • Complexity: Well-labeled ‘ACTION’ operation and easy to modify to suit your need. Your main image stays unharmed and the final drawing is transparent, thereby giving you the chance to place it on any background.


  • - Undergoes serious edge trace
  • - Unbeatable quality result
  • - Digital Lab Tested

This mega bundle contains the very best of Charles Brown’s outstanding “High Dynamic Range” image actions. These 10 package actions (with hundreds of incorporated sub-actions) are like no other Photoshop add-on you may have used. The process is complex and highly professional yet very easy to use. All the effects were studied and mastered and properly tested using different image exposures. With this bundle, you can professionally transform your flat photograph/artwork into an intense look. Many authors and buyers have testified how awesome Charles Brown’s image effects are.

This is your opportunity to transform your artwork into something EXTRAORDINARY.

We are determined to give you nothing but the best! Go for the best!

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