All Charles Brown's Pure Art Hand Drawing Bundle

All Charles Brown's Pure Art Hand Drawing Bundle

Best-selling hand drawing packages combined.

Undiscounted sum price is $39 and now sold for ONLY $18. Huge discount and time saver.

Combined packages:

  • Pure Art Hand Drawing
  • Pure Art Hand Drawing 2 – Freehand
  • Pure Art Hand Drawing 3 – Rough Sketch
  • Pure Art Hand Drawing 4 – Fine Art
  • Pure Art Hand Drawing 5 – Calligraphic Lines
  • Pure Art Hand Drawing 6 – Graphite Pencil Sketch
  • Pure Art Hand Drawing 7 – Arcadian Art
  • Pure Art Hand Drawing 8 – Raw Sketch
  • Pure Art Hand Drawing 9 – Ancient Greek Art
  • Pure Art Hand Drawing 10 – Fine Sketch

    • Package name: All Charles Brown’s Pure Art Hand Drawing Bundle
    • Software version: Photoshop CS5
    • Copyright: Nov. 18, 2012
    • Author: Charles Brown
    • Items: – ATN, PAT, ABR, CSH files
    • Complexity: Well-labeled ‘ACTION’ operation and easy to modify to suit your need.Your main image stays unharmed and the final drawing is transparent, thereby giving
    • you the chance to place it on any background.


    • - Undergoes serious edge trace
    • - Unbeatable quality result
    • - Renders transparent drawing
    • - Digital Lab Tested

    This mega bundle contains the very best of Charles Brown’s infamous “Pure Art Hand Drawing Series” image actions. These 10 package actions (with hundreds of incorporated sub-actions) are like no other Photoshop add-on you may have used. The process is complex and highly professional yet very easy to use. All the effects were studied and mastered and properly tested using different image exposures. With this bundle, you can profession hand draw your photographs/artworks.Many authors and buyers have testified how awesome Charles Brown’s image effects are. This is your opportunity to transform your artwork into something EXTRAORDINARY.

    No skill is required – just 1 CLICK away.

    We are determined to give you nothing but the best! Go for the best!

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