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really awesome !

Hey Thank you! :-)


:-D thank you anderworks

Lovin it Indie!

Wow, thanks mate!


Thank you :-)

Very nice !!!

Grazie!! :-)

Love this! Awesome job :)

Thank you very much!

thanks rclewis :-)

your style is so cool!...could not resist to go with this one…hope to learn a lot from this flyer

Thank you very very very much Daniel!!! :-)

Please could return my money because the file I downloaded is not what is on the website. the photos are not there links to them could fix the problem. Thanks …........

Please send me a private mail and explain me the problem!

I’ve just re-checked all the links and there are no problems.. could you please explain better what’s the problem?

I purchased this cause i thought it came with the image of the guy playing guitar??? Not cool.

No problem man! In the description I wrote that the links to the images are in the readme file contained in the zip!


Looks like there’s a lot of people buying the image rather than the concept :] Simple yet effective, good work :)

Hope that’s not the reason! Thanks :-)


I was just about to purchase the bundle pack for this but had a few questions please.

1) Can you conform that the images are def available and the links to them valid still please?

2) Do you have an illustrator version?

3) If not and it’s PSD can it be upscaled to A3 easily?

4) Fonts ?? Included or freely downloadable?

If I could have an answer to this ASAP please as Ineed to get a new poster out really quickly.

Many Thanks & greta work Rich

Answered by mail :-)

It´s a really delicious Poster, in front of this work ¡; I put my hat off! You got a follower…and a buyer of course!

E ‘un lavoro impressionante e veramente delizioso !

grazie mille elcodigodebarras :-)

...And I´m not talking about the photo…