Animated 3D Parallax Duoton Action

Animated 3D Parallax Duoton Action

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Animated 3D Parallax Duoton Action - Photo Effects Actions








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3d Stereoscopic GIF is a massive trend in music videos, streetwear, and fashion photography.
Did you know that many artists and clothing brands such as Nike, Adidas, Vans, Fila, used 3d GIF effect in their visual campaigns?

Looped video GIF is the perfect visual medium for social media, art, portraiture, advertising campaigns, branding strategies. Moving images can be used as fascinating content for websites, blogs, magazines, and newsletters as well.

Creating 3d gif images is a time-consuming process, that used to require expensive equipment and unique technique of capturing back in the day.
This 3D Photography Stereoscopic Action allows users to create a 3D photo from one source image in seconds!
The action uses the parallax effect – the slight shift in objects related positions. It creates depth by having different objects at different distances.
So basically, its animation from two layers, which creates a neat 3d illusion.
The Stereoscopic Action is a fast and easy way to create unique stereoview portraits inside Photoshop.
With this action, you could turn still images into animated works of art.

                                              PLEASE TAKE A NOTE

  • Action applied to an object or person located on the ground – will lead to incorrect depth effect. The image and the foreground object, therefore, should be cropped.


  • 25 Colorscripts
  • Thumbnail color preview
  • Completely procedural (no need to load gradient file)
  • Layered and fully editable color scripts


  • 1 .atn file (Action)
  • 1 Help file
  • 1 Video guide link

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